December 23, 2013

This Gucci Presents Holiday 2013 with Baptiste Radufe fashion film showcases excellent examples of menswear tailoring from the brand.
Illustrated People bring us their Spring/Summer 2014 lookbook, which focuses heavily on print. We're big fans of The Drape tee!

Fashion is a competitive and challenging world so it’s crucial when launching a new brand to think up something new and creative. Surplus to Requirements Apparel or SurplusTR as it

A biker jacket is a piece of menswear that never really goes out of style, this one however has a bit more of a street feel to it with the
The luxury layering in this outfit couldn’t be more perfect, apart from the tucking of the jumper in to the trousers. Oh dear.
This is an ideal piece of mens outerwear now that the winter chill is in full force.
It’s almost time for Christmas and if you still have a festive party or two to go too then this kind of dapper suit would be perfect.

The Parisians, those high priests of effortless cool have always known how to dress. They forever look so suave and debonair strolling down those long, wide boulevards, their step assured,

The Paul Smith Autumn/Winter 2013 Advertising Campaign showcases a small selection of luxury tailored pieces that will take you through winter and add a little refinement to your wardrobe.