December 6, 2013

Just how versatile is this winter tweed jacket? Take a look at this video from teaching men’s fashion for more info on this great menswear piece.
This style is still as popular as ever, ornate printed tops and sweatshirts work well with any look.
This is a really edgy way to wear tailored pieces, a casual shirt paired with denim jeans and a cool blazer make for a great style.
Light tailoring featuring beige and camel tones is a really great way to wear easy tailoring.

When we are forced to finally and begrudgingly recognise that winter is finally here, we realise that our wardrobes need to have particularly close attention paid to how we construct

Simplicity is a style that should be embraced every now and again. A simple tee and jeans is a nice classic style.
This is a nice way to be a dapper gent with a little bit of denim style to this cool and quirky look.