November 15, 2013

This fall, it's all about plaid suits—the elegant rebels of the suit world. Here are the shirts and ties and accessories you need to rock one.
This is a quirky take on men’s tailoring, a look more suited to the more adventurous gent.
This is an easy and cool simple look, sometimes the best looks appear to have just been thrown on.
The thicker the knitwear the better it is, this piece of knitwear sports the most amazing high necked collar. It looks and we assume feels great too.
This is a real statement piece in the form of a wonderfully checked piece of tailoring.

When autumn and winter come around, the folks here at MFM get a little excited because for some of us this time of year is our favourite. ‘Why?’ you may

This is the super slick and wonderfully tailored Reiss Into The Night 2013 Men’s Lookbook, showcasing some of the brands more formal pieces.

David Walker-Smith is regarded as the one of the best dressed men within the fashion retail circle. In the last year he was appointed Managing Director of the prestigious Fenwick