11 Stylish Gifts for Father’s Day

Let’s be honest about Father’s Day. It’s an underrated holiday that just doesn’t get the same amount of hype as Mother’s Day. It might be a gift card to the home improvement store and a funny card from your local pharmacy, and he’ll be good until next year. This Father’s Day, step up your gift-giving game and give your dad or the dad in your life some seriously stylish gifts. From swim trunks he’ll love wearing on his next vacation to an indoor golf putting green for his office, you’re about to get the Favorite Child or Best Partner Trophy.

Huarache Sandals — The huarache sandal originates from the Tarascan word “kwarachi” from the Purépecha people in Jalisco, referring to handmade woven shoes. According to the Culture Trip, these sandals are still heavily rooted in Mexican culture. If Dad is the kind of man that appreciates traditional craftsmanship, give him the gift of culture and style with huarache sandals. These artisanal sandals often have an open-toe design and are usually made from all-leather but may also include woven string soles and thin wooden soles. Traditional huaraches are handmade and have a woven-leather form in the upper.

Swim Trunks — You know what pairs well with beach-friendly huarache sandals? Get your old man some new swim trunks. If Dad is still wearing some worn-out pair of swim trunks that he’s had for a few decades now, it’s time to get Dad some new, stylish men’s swim trunks. Bold colors. Bright designs. He’ll love it.

Matching Father Son Outfits — There’s nothing quite like the father and son bond. Help take that bond even further by getting father son matching outfits. Sure, they’re a little campy, but the camp aesthetic is in right now, and why not make Pop smile? He might pretend that it’s lame, but believe us. It’s warming up his heart more than you know.

Silk Pajamas — According to the Shelf, while a necktie remains the most popular Father’s Day gift, it doesn’t mean it’s the most desired Father’s Day gift. This year, skip the silk tie and go for silk pajamas for Dad instead. He’ll love this pajama upgrade so he can be his coolest and comfiest self.

Comfy Robes — Dads love to lounge on the couch. Why not get him a robe that lets him do all of that in style? Try a hooded waffle robe for all the coziness he needs, from his shower to his living room sofa. A trendy seersucker robe is a must. The next time he plans on sitting on his porch with his morning cup of coffee, he can do so in a comfy blanket robe.

Skincare Sets — Your dad may not admit that he appreciates a good skincare routine, but he’ll change his mind when he tries some seriously soothing everyday face wash. Many skincare kits come with easy-to-follow instructions for his daily skincare routine. We’re talking about a revitalizing face cream in the morning, a soothing overnight repair cream and nourishing eye creams for those undereye bags.

Beard Grooming Kits — Give your dad’s beard some distinguishing dignity with beard oil. Many grooming oils can be used for his beard, face and hair. It’s perfect for any length of beard. His beard will stay soft, and the oil will help keep his skin moisturized and itch-free while reducing pesky beard dandruff.

Percussive Massage Device — We’re sure that you don’t exactly see yourself giving dad a foot massage this Father’s Day. We don’t blame you. Instead, get him a mini handheld percussive massage device. What’s a percussive massage device? According to UCLA Health, percussive massage therapy uses rapid and repetitive pressure combined with vibration therapy. Percussive massage therapy can take his athletic performance to the next level. It can help prevent delayed onset muscle soreness or aid in flexibility. He can enjoy it all from the comfort of his home.

Seat Cushions — His neck. His back. Save him a trip to the chiropractor by getting him a seat cushion. Maybe he’s working from home or spends a lot of time sitting down. We could all use better posture. The proper seat cushion can be a game-changer for anyone who needs more support for extended sit time.

Noise Canceling Headphones — Sometimes, he just needs to tune the world out. Give him some peace and quiet with noise-canceling headphones. Then he can go back to binge-watching his favorite show on Netflix without having to hear the kids in the background.

Indoor Golf Putting Green — He can’t always make it to the driving range or for a full 18 holes of golf. Maybe it’s raining. Maybe it’s not golf season. Maybe he just doesn’t have the time. Get him an indoor golf putting green instead where he can hit a few balls. The kids can join in on the fun too!