11 Affordable and Stylish Clothing Brands for Men

There has always been a misconception in the fashion industry that you have to spend and spend big, to be dressed in the best threads. However, this has never been true, and there have been thousands of brands to prove it. 

Yes, you can travel to some of the most popular shopping destinations and high-end stores to find the best clothes, but these are 11 of the best affordable brands and labels for finding comfortable yet ultra-stylish clothing for men. 



Topman has been the place to shop if you are looking for well-made dress shirts and suits for a few years now. They offer a range of smart and formal wear at reasonable prices compared to the giants such as Hugo Boss in the niche markets.

While they do stock everything else you may need, if you want a solid and well-fitting suit that doesn’t break the bank, Topman is for you. 


Very few places have the same renege as H&M. Stocking everything from simple t-shirts to leather goods, ties, and suits, H&M is a one-stop shop for almost everything you may need. 

Their numerous sales also ensure you can leave their store with a bag full of everything you may need. Not to mention the very high-quality cotton they use and impeccable manufacturing. 


Asos may stock dozens of high-end brands, but their house label has become very popular amongst fashion-lovers and those looking for a shirt. Their house brand ranges from underwear to shirts, winter coats, and everything in between. 

Once again, their numerous sales, impressive size, color range, and very well-made clothes make them a contender for one of the best affordable brands. 


You may not associate Uniqlo with being an affordable brand. However, if you look past their numerous collaborations and their high-end lines, you will find a ton of options that can suit almost any budget. 

Their store is packed with high-quality yet simple pieces, with a range that is far bigger and more diverse than you may think. 


While not a brand per se, StockX has been a popular destination for finding not only ultra-rare sneakers and clothing but also a place to find excellent deals. The online marketplace is a favorite of resellers looking to shift more than just a rare pair of Air Jordans. 

You can find hundreds of deals on famous brands like Supreme and Levi’s without paying the exorbitant price you would in-store. 


Dickies has been the brand of choice for the workman for a number of years now. They make solid and very well-made denim clothing, most famously jeans and dungarees. However, their range extends beyond what you find on a construction site. 

They have a wide selection of casual clothing and shoes that would rival the most comfortable pair you’ve ever worn. Don’t think of Dickies as “Budget Levi’s” but rather the same quality for a fraction of the price. 


If you are looking for a basic workout and casual gear, there is no need to look further than Nike. The sportswear giants have reached their heights due to having numerous price points and an enormous range. 

You can buy Nike clothing and shoes whether you are on a shoestring budget or you have thousands to spend. 



Since the 90s, Gap has been a staple in many people’s closets. With incredibly well-made clothing and being a brand that has become synonymous with doing the basics right, Gap is for everyone. 

They are also a brilliant alternative to a brand like H&M or Asos, as they have the same wide range but with many uniquely Gap colors, designs, and styles. 


Another brand that has exploded in popularity over the past few years thanks to collaborations is Carhartt. However, they haven’t let their fame go to their heads, and they are still one of the best places to find very cool and very stylish affordable clothing. 

The brand is famous for its winter wear, in particular, producing incredibly warm and comfortable jackets, coats, pants, and jerseys.



Once again, eBay may not be a brand, but what is sold on it has changed over the past few years. Gone are the days when you can just find used, second-hand goods; more and more resellers are using it to sell brand new, unused products. 

While not everything is cheap, you have a wide range to choose from at prices that are often below what you would find in shops. It’s a great place to find deals on high-end clothing too. 


While Nordstrom is a store you can easily spend thousands in, it has gained an unwanted reputation of just being for people who can afford that. This couldn’t be further from the truth, as Nordstrom has one of the best sales sections around. 

They often cycle through their range, putting a lot of it on sale before it leaves their shelves. This allows you to pick up a ton of bargains almost anytime during the year.