10 Ways to Celebrate Movember… Without a Moustache

Desperate to get into the moustached spirit this Movember but feel you’re lacking in the testosterone department? Fret no more, learn how to color beard without staining skin and get your mood on! Whether you’re struggling to grow some facial fuzz or you’re, y’know, a girl, we bring you our top ten ‘tache-tacular products to get you feeling just like a Mo-Bro. If you are growing beard or mustache make sure to get a grooming kit like the ones on My Reviews Now Manscaped Review.

Pillow Case Set

Give a ‘stache a home with this amazing pillowcase set. Snuggle up to these cosy handlebars at night and you’ll have your very own facial fur to keep you warm through the winter months.

 £20 Urban Outfitters

My ‘stache Jar

Moustache puns may just be one of the greatest things in the world (we have more, but we’re shaving them for later). Stash your cash in this clever jar and soon you’ll have enough pennies for a bespoke ‘tache trim at the plushest barbershop in town.

Assorted prices etsy.co.uk

Shower Curtain

Even a Mo-bro still wears his facial foliage in the shower. Take a leaf from his moustache guidebook and never be parted from your mouth eyebrow. We don’t recommend showering in a bowler hat though.

£46.33 Eternal Art at eCRATER UK


Do you sometimes find yourself wanting a friend for your nose so much it hurts? Well now you’ve got the perfect antidote to pain with these bandaged wonders. Proving that a moustache is so much more than just a way to keep your lip warm, they’re now your favourite superhero – Mo’s to the rescue!

£3.99 artbox.co.uk


Not just the facial decoration of choice for an English gentleman, lip hats have taken the world by storm. Extend your welcome to Mo-bros worldwide with this friendly indoor rug. Place this by your front floor and prepare to say bonjour to many a moustached monsieur.

£12 Urban Outfitters 

Duct Tape

No, we don’t know why you’d ever need it either but we’re certainly not complaining. Use it to tape a ‘tache onto anything you desire, punish your non-Mo friends or to, y’know, wrap stuff.

Candle Holder

If a moustache draws you in like a moth to a flame, then you’re onto a winner here. Perfect for adding a touch of gentlemanly class to any dark winter night, this candle holder proves that the moustache is the perfect cold weather accessory.

£15.65 mydeco.com

Nail Art

If you want to spread the moustache love to your other half and she happens to be a dab hand with a nail pen, then you’re in luck this Movember. What’s better than having a moustache? Having ten moustaches of course. Greedy? Us?

£6 Models Own WAH! Nail Art Pen


Make for a perfect soup strainer or play a funny trick on your unsuspecting friends, this mug is so much more than a simple tea receptacle. Great for early morning moustache play.

£11.75 zazzle.co.uk

Stick On Moustache Set

If all else has failed and you still have a touch of ‘tache envy, you can’t go far wrong with these. Beauty experts have worked together to devise one to compliment every face shape and skin tone. OK, we’re lying, but these are hours of fun all the same.

£1.50 Amazon

So if you’re struggling to grow that manly facial hair this coming November, turn to one of our alternatives to still take part in this great cause…

What’s your favourite? Let us know in the comments below.