Zara’s Cost-Effective Athletics Range Is Here To Save Your Money

Working out is a large part of most of our daily lives, be it nipping to the gym after work, 5 a-side with our mates or doing the local park run; no matter your activity, you need the right clothing.

Sportswear clothing is notoriously expensive, and for the most part, you’re paying for a label, £50 for a t-shirt that claims to keep you cool is a stretch for anyone’s wallet. Thankfully, I have a stylish yet relatively inexpensive solution: Zara.

I’ve covered Zara in many articles, and for many different reasons, the main one being their clear vision for fashionable pieces yet their ability to keep consumer costs nice and low. This collection is no exception and this is what makes it one my all time favourite Zara drops.

They have successfully created a one stop shop for your workout gear, be it t-shirts to sweat in, short-shorts to run the roads in or that must-have tracksuit to wear to and from the gym, Zara have you covered. Their collection is vast and most certainly going to please the masses. I’ve looked through and managed to pick out what I feel are the best of the best.

Training T-Shirt – £22.99

A t-shirt to work out in is an absolute staple, and this one is ticking all of the boxes. Short sleeved with a close-cut neck, but the real beauty lies in the fact that its seams are flat, resulting in less friction on the skin. Let’s not ignore the fact that it’s pink (really pink).

Technical Jacket – £49.99

Very occasionally, your pink t-shirt needs covering up and there’s nothing better than this technical jacket to do just that. Cut to an ergonomic design allowing the jacket to adapt to the movements of the body, whatever sport you’re playing.

Short Leggings – £29.99

Shorts are great but tight shorts are better; made from a high elasticity fabric allowing for complete freedom of movement, anti abrasion seams and a multifunctional side pocket, making these a go to tight short for those speedy 5Ks.

Written by Tom Loughran