There can never be too many luxury timepieces, and followers of the most prestigious brands will be aware that each new purchase is as much an investment as it is a treat for yourself. Expensive timepieces can be turned into collectibles rapidly, increasing valueover time and frequently becoming family heirlooms that are passed down the generations. And this is especially true of the most distinctive models available, such as the two stunning new watch lines from high-end watchmaker Valimor.

While the name “Valimor,” which combines the words “Valiant” and “Armour,” speaks for itself, the concept really comes to life in the company’s new Caliburnus II and Kilgharrah collections, which highlight utilitarian art in all its splendour while giving a clear tribute to the dramatic times of the past.

The iconic, patented design of the first Caliburnus collection, which was inspired by the story of King Arthur and the Sword in the Stone, is carried on in the new Caliburnus II collection. Each watch is meticulously created with unique materials that are sourced from all over the world. Because of this, no two watches are exactly alike, making each one a special and accurate jewellery timepiece for watch collectors and aficionados.

The new Caliburnus comes with a new set of features. The power reserve of the most recent Miyota Cal.8315 movement has been increased to an impressive 60 hours, and it also features improved dial details, excellent build quality, new, unique material selections, and a versatile, newly designed rubber strap, making it the ideal choice to wear for a variety of different occasions. All of the above extra features are explained further:

Recognizable dragon scale case

Through careful etching, VALIMOR creates a durable stainless steel case that combines traditional high precision craftsmanship and modern style. Our distinctive dragon pattern is condensed during the manufacturing process into a distinctive watch casing with a steel bezel that is etched with dragon scales. The final appearance gives rise to a distinctive yet timeless watch line. To give the sturdy and durable 316L stainless steel the appearance of age, we apply a cutting-edge PVD coating. 27 of the European Union’s member states granted patents for the VALIMOR design in 2018.

New 60-hour Automatic Movement

A longer power reserve than virtually any other movement in this price range is a feature of the most recent Miyota Cal.8315 movement. By adding this automatic movement to the Caliburnus II, it improves the power reserve to an unrivaled 60 hours. The revolutionary anti-oxidation blue screws make it the most robust, useful, and practical timepiece we have created to date.

New Unique Dial Options

Five new color schemes and dial variations, made from premium materials, are available with Caliburnus II. Due to the properties of these materials, cutting them requires a highly skilled artisan. To make them only 0.20mm to 0.40mm thick, they must be meticulously ground and polished. To create the 3D multi-faceted indices, each dial is then carefully inlaid and polished. The eye-catching brilliance is then achieved by painting it with Swiss Super-LumiNova® coating. The dial’s outside edge is then given a reflector ring to lessen the opening’s apparent size. This improves the dial’s proportions and provides the clock a subtly improved look.

Sword-Shaped Hands

The hands use a complicated semi-polishing method that is often only found on expensive watches, in addition to utilising DIAMOND-Carve technology to cut the shape of the hands with the utmost precision. The hands are polished on one side and brushed on the other using this method to create a distinctive yet modest look. This design improves legibility and makes it simpler to see the time by maintaining the contrast of the hands against the dial in varying lighting and reflection situations. It also gives off a high-end appearance.

NBR Rubber Strap

The bespoke strap that comes with Caliburnus II is made to match the style of the watch. The Sword in the Stone continues to be an inspiration for the strap. The graphic artist Arkadiy Welesov, who specializes in Celtic and Viking tattoo patterns and artwork, worked with designers to create it.

Japanese NBR rubber is stronger than natural rubber and more resistant to acids and skin oils. The materials have been found to meet RoHS standards and infrequently produce serious allergic reactions. The strap features one set of integrated fast release spring bars for simple (yet secure) installation, as well as our trademark stainless-steel clasp designed to resemble the hilt of a sword.

316L Stainless Steel Bracelet:

In July 2018, 200 Kickstarter backers collaborated in the design and development of the steel bracelet. From its design to its craftsmanship to its comfort, weight, functionality, and ease of use, it has been produced to the exact requirements demanded by our active community. The bracelet is the end result of numerous prototypes and modifications.

Swiss Super-LumiNova

We employ Swiss SuperLumiNova® to ensure optimum legibility in the dark while taking into mind nighttime activities. The pigments are harmless to the environment and non-radioactive. The Swiss watch industry’s favourite luminous pigment, SuperLumiNova®, is well known for maintaining its brightness over time so that it can continue to serve you for many years.

Sapphire Crystal

The crystalline structure of sapphire crystal greatly increases its resistance against scratches. It ranks as the third-hardest transparent substance on earth, behind moissanite and diamond. Monocrystalline synthetic sapphire, created from molten aluminium oxide, serves as the material’s only component (Al2O3). Massive crystals that are grown via electrolysis are produced as a result of the process. The crystals are then cut into slices, and the watch glass’s form is then painstakingly carved out of these slices.

This watch comes in 5 different, elegant designs.

  1. Caliburnus II – Black Knight

It shows hours, minutes, seconds and date and encrusted with 21 jewels and a crown svaroski crystal. And comes with a Ø42 mm – Aged 316L Stainless Steel casing.

This watch comes with a Natural Mother-of-Pearl dial, Sapphire Crystal with AR coating glass. 

2. Caliburnus II – Blue Northern Light

This luxurious watch comes with Natural Mother-of-Pearl, fully luminous Swiss Super-LumiNova Blue. Each watch is a work of art of engineering and an illustration of impeccable craftsmanship, made from special materials sourced from all over the world.

3. Caliburnus II – Flame Opal

This watch comes with a Flame Opal dial, Sapphire Crystal with AR coating glass.

4. Caliburnus II – Lake Opal

This watch comes with a Lake Opal dial.

5. Caliburnus II – Sword Of The Light

This watch comes with a Full luminous dial, Swiss Super-LumiNova C1 dial.