Working Out To ‘Look Good’

People used to work out in order to gain strength. However, in modern times, this has shifted to more people working out in order to look ‘good’. This is known in the fitness world as ‘aesthetics’.

People now want to look good both in and out of clothes. In this article I will explain a few tips to help you get that aesthetically pleasing look you desire.


Most people want to have the look in the picture above, a well rounded chest, defined shoulders and arms, but most importantly a toned six pack.

I will state the best exercise for each of these muscle groups below and explain how these exercises will help you to get the body you desire.

Chest – Bench Press

The bench press is a classic exercise that every gym goer uses in order to improve the size and shape of their chest. This exercise can be completed with either dumbbells or a barbell, my personal preference is dumbbells as I believe this works my chest more as a whole.

My main tip for improving the size of your chest is to squeeze your chest at the top of the repetition and hold for a second before slowly lowering the weights. The bench press also works your triceps which will tone your arms.


Shoulders – Seated Shoulder Press

There are many great exercises you can use for your shoulders. I have chosen the seated shoulder press because if done correctly, will promote growth throughout all of your deltoid muscles.

Again, there are many ways to do the shoulder press, I have chosen seated over standing because it does not allow you to use other parts of your body to help press and therefore concentrates all of the effort on your shoulders. When completing the shoulder press, I pick a lower weight and do plenty of sets and repetitions to really feel the burn.


Arms – Bicep Curl

Everybody should know what the bicep curl is. It is a simple exercise, but when completed correctly, is one of the most effective for promoting growth within your arms. Like the shoulder press, I would recommend doing these seated, this will stop you from using your back to help lift the weights. This will improve your form, help prevent injury and ensure solely your arms are worked.


When I complete the bicep curl, I do three sets of ten repetitions at a higher weight followed by one drop set until failure, usually at around half the weight of the first three sets. The drop set until failure is how it sounds, keep going until you cant physically do any more reps! It will be tough, but definitely worth it!

Abdominals – Crunches

Everybody who wants to look good has a six pack at the top of their list! There are a number of exercises which will help you get the stomach you are after. I enjoy crunches the most as they have provided me with the best results and you can do them whenever you want, wherever you want!


In order to complete crunches correctly your lower back should remain on the floor, and you should lift your shoulders around 10cm off the ground whilst keeping your hands behind your head. Tensing your abdominals throughout will make the exercise tougher but help with results.


The other main way to get the body you desire is by making sure your diet is clean and healthy. This will particularly help when it comes to improving the look of your stomach, as the saying goes ‘your abs are made in the kitchen’. Eat plenty of green vegetables and high amounts of protein and avoid fatty and sugary foods.


If you take all of the above in to consideration and complete the exercises regularly you will find your body improving and you will look better both with and without clothes!