How do you carry yourself when you hit the office? Do you roll back your shoulders, straighten your spine, chin up, and if you’re wearing a suit or a decent jacket and tailored trousers, this should show how you carry yourself. So time to liven up the dreary office in confidence, where the dress code probably has gone out of the window most of the time. 

Do you even remember when the last time somebody rolled into the office looking flawless, in a look that has been perfectly executed, with every last detail has been totally nailed, it turns heads, get compliments, makes you jealous and with that sends you a message, So, yes, you are capable of pulling off this look and without spending cart loads of money, it’s all about complimenting what you have and putting.

So will you wear a tie that packs a punch of bright colour, if you do it will differentiate you from the army of anonymous other guys who pair their dark suits with even more darker ties. If a bright tie really isn’t your thing, try making a ball statement with your shirt instead, go a little different with a small gingham check or bolder stripes, even a bold coloured shirt, anything that might set you apart from all the other guys.

One of our favourite trends going on right now is a move towards a textured suited look that reflects the season we are in at that moment, it’s about getting your business-suit groove on, that you can wear out after work. It’s important you think carefully about what you want from a suit, as you may only need to buy one, and then split the suit, as this is a great way to wear the jacket and trousers separately.

So wear your suit jacket with tailored trousers and a shirt and lightweight round neck sweater that will take you from the office-to-bar and it’ll look equally smart with a sharp shirt, your suit trousers and a slim-fit jacket. Most guys are hip to the white pocket square, see them and raise them one by stockpiling the arsenal of patterned versions, just grab one that plays off the colours in your shirt and tie.