Why You Need A Taion Down Vest

It’s cold, it’s really cold actually and the best thing is, it’s only going to get colder, so because of this, we need to up our layering game. Wearing a big coat underneath a t-shirt is no way near enough when it comes to braving the great outdoors so we need to be wearing lots of little layers to really help the heat in and chill out, thankfully I’ve found the perfect brand to help.

Launched in 2016, Taion have taken over the down jacket industry and show no signs of giving up anytime soon, focusing heavily on creating products that provide both form and function, their liner vests boasts a fill of 90% mature waterfowl feather down and 10% 650 fill feather working in conjunction with the 100% water-repellent, high-density nylon outer with water-repellent finish.

For this fact alone, I believe the liner vest to be their strongest piece to date, coming in a range of different colours and different collar styles means there’s a piece for every person, no matter the outfit. It functions well as an outer piece, worn over a sweatshirt or roll neck for that added warmth but really comes into its own underneath a jacket or coat, the warmth this garment adds is second to none and something I very rarely leave the house without wearing of late.

Written by Tom Loughran