Why Muscle Recovery Is Important

Believe it or not, recovery is just as vital as working out if you want to achieve your fitness goals, here I will list the best ways to ensure your body recovers correctly.


After a workout, do your muscles feel sore? This is known as DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness). Training a muscle which is currently suffering aches and stiffness (DOMS) can lead to injury, due to overtraining. I recommend you leave at least 72 hours rest between training a particular muscle.


Being well hydrated is very important to the recovery process. When you work out you generally sweat, most people believe this is a sign of hard work, however it is also water leaving the body. Ensure you stay hydrated during and after your workout and you will find yourself recovering from your workout faster.


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This seems like an obvious suggestion but very few people get the necessary sleep required. I won’t bore you with the science behind it but, without stating the obvious, the main reason people sleep is to rest their body.

The general rule thumb is 8 hours per night; however this will not be good enough if it is a disturbed sleep. Turn off your phone, turn off the light and get to sleep!!


Whilst maintaining a healthy diet including all the right nutrients will help your body recover, supplements are also a great way to give you the best chance of reducing those muscle aches. There are a number of supplements which will help; below I have stated what I believe to be the most important, along with the product I personally use. If you’ve ever felt out of step with your body, you’re not alone My Body Life for more, the complete guide to achieving your dream physical form

Whey Protein

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‘Protein shakes’ are widely accepted as a great way of helping your body recover. Drinking a protein shake after your workout gives your body the nutrients it needs to best repair your muscles.

The best time to have your protein shake is within 30 minutes after your workout, but don’t worry if you forget. They work great whenever you have them.


Personally, I use MaxiMuscle for all of my supplements. I find they provide great products. Their ‘Maxifuel Recovermax’ is ideal if you are looking to help muscle recovery. Check out this link and find out for yourself:  http://www.maxishop.com/maxifuel/recovery/recovermax.