Why men lose their hair and need to have hair implants in Turkey

It is a fact that many men will lose their hair during adulthood. You may have wondered why this happens, and there actually are a couple of reasons for hair loss.

Researchers have found that genetics do have a strong influence on baldness in men. Specific genes known as 5α-reductase genes seem to affect the enzymes which in turn affect the androgen hormones. The activity of the androgen hormones then impact hair follicle growth.

The genes that scientists have discovered in particular affect the hormone dihydrotestosterone (DHT) which is converted from the male hormone testosterone.

The DHT affects many features in men including patterns of body hair. However, it is also an androgen hormone that seems to also influence the development of male patterns of baldness.

This condition in which hair is lost due to androgen hormones is known as androgenic alopecia. The hair loss follows a specific pattern in which hair starts to be lost above the temples and then the hairline recedes and hair is lost from the crown.

The condition can occur in women but it involves a general thinning of the hair and so is not the same, and in addition, unlike in men, women do not become completely bald.

The impact of DHT seems to be that hair follicles get smaller and eventually do not grow back once hair is lost. The result is that over time, the person loses more and more hair that is not replaced.

In the case of men, the DHT can result in total baldness over time. The genetics do have a strong impact and so it is not a condition that can be prevented.

Age, stress and hair loss

Age is also a factor when it comes to losing hair follicles, and in fact, it has been found that about 40% of men have some noticeable hair loss by about age 35.

As men age, the odds are increased that they will lose their hair, and so by age 80, 70% of men have noticeable loss of hair and signs of baldness.

Stress is a factor that we often forget about, but it really can impact all aspects of our lives. This includes the condition of our hair and some people may even pull out their own hair, without realizing it.

Stressful events impact hormones in the body, and may also lead to poor eating and sleeping habits which all negatively impacts the condition of your hair.

Mineral and nutrient deficiencies can weaken the hair, particularly a lack of biotin, vitamin B12, iron and zinc. Some people tend to eat mainly junk food when they are stressed, which means they do not take in the nutrients that their body needs.

This all leads to a higher likelihood of having hair that is not healthy and easily breakable and lost.

The solution: hair implants in Turkey

For many men then, the solution may be a hair transplant. In fact, there are many excellent clinics such as Vera Clinic in Turkey, where hair implants can be done to replace hair that is lost, regardless of why the hair is lost.