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Why Less Is Sometimes More

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We are just on our way out of a season all about festive extravagance and over indulgence, where luxury and opulence are enjoyed maybe a little more than is traditionally acceptable the other 364 days of the year. Many folks seem to have this idea of over indulging imprinted into their stylish psyche as part of a year round engorgement into all things over the top. We are going to assume that you are already aware that our subject matter turns to clothing and doesn’t remain on food, for we are a style website not a culinary one.

lessismore 001

This idea of over indulgence however, is an apt one for there are many people who consider the idea of more is more a way of life and not a style mistake as we the style dictators of MFM intend for you to see it.  You see the idea behind our style and fashion advice is less is more, and we hope to inspire people to go for style in a classic way as opposed to garish and over the top selections. This is where many a style cliché saying comes into play but there wouldn’t be anything else to describe how we wear clothes other than less really is more.

Lost In Stylish Translation

If you would like to imagine an individual who has little knowledge of fashion and direct your attention to the runway collections through their eyes, what you are seeing is what they think they should be wearing. Many folks seem to have this idea of a literal translation of runway to real life, and thus the end result requires onlookers to wear sunglasses with a sympathetic glare all year round. What happens with the collections is merely a highly creative and potent realisation of a designer’s talents and artistic vision, not an excuse to play dress up with the lights off.

lessismore 002

When we are dressing ourselves in the morning, we should play it as some of the best fashion magazine stylists do, with an editing eye. Runway needs to translate to ready to wear and real life without the clothes wearing the individual, the intention should be for an outfit to seem as if it as almost an extension of the wearer’s already stylish personality.

Edit, Edit & Edit Again

When orchestrating a photo-shoot many things have to be considered, how well things fit, how they look and more importantly how effortless the entire image should look. If you look through your magazines you will see all the gents in their stylish outfits looking as if they didn’t even give anything a second thought. We all know these men don’t roll out of bed looking like that, but who’s to say you can’t give off that impression either. Just remember, it takes a lot of effort to look that effortless.

lessismore 003

I am going to raise my hands and admit, that in my younger years I was a victim of the over dressed list. In a vain attempt to look great and impress others I would layer up and over accessorise just because I thought that’s how it should be done. Then I educated myself in the way a man should consider himself and his outfit. I have been known to say on a regular basis that I never dress for anyone but myself, and if anyone appreciates the way I dress than that is just a bonus. This is a great mind set to put yourself in, why worry about what others think when it will be far easier to satisfy the opinion of yourself rather than that of potential strangers.

Self Appreciation

Once you begin to dress for yourself you will realise that nothing else matters, you can begin composing the perfect outfit in relation to your body, personality and of course your own sense of style. This quote may have been in reference to the style of women but I think Chanel was on to something when she said “When accessorising, always take off the last thing you put on.”

Once you realise how great you are and that fashion is to be enjoyed by you and you alone, you will realise you don’t need an abundance of adornment to make up for what you think you Lack. You lack nothing, and fashion and accessories are merely an extension of you and not the foundation upon which you are built.

Rules Of Style

First and foremost we need to focus on when dressing well in comparison to over dressing is that there must be a certain level of fluency and continuity behind the outfit we style ourselves in. There needs to be reason for certain colour combinations, and a motive behind a selection of a certain pattern or print.

There is one rule that everyone falls back on, and that is to have a central piece to build your outfit upon. There could be a colour focus or the use of a single print to enhance a key look, style or trend. Fashion, just like art, is about balance. I have heard it said about art that you need to have “head, heart and hand”. This implies that when you create art or simply select an outfit, you need to have intelligence and be clear in the direction you want to go. Like any task you want to achieve or work towards, like fashion, if you are uneducated in your chosen field, success is not something you should expect. You need to develop your skills and do your research; hopefully this article is a wonderful starting point for you to learn from.

lessismore 004

If you take a look at some of the earlier images within this piece, you will see why they have been chosen as representations of being ‘too much’, what we would like you to do is figure out for yourself how you would translate them into something suitably ready-to-wear in order to fit in with your personal style. This is a great way to train your mind and your eye into deciphering the code needed to learn the skills to truly understand how less really is more. The fashion world often gets mocked for how seriously we take our craft, but in reality fashion is an art form unlike anything else because you wear it on your back. So the composing of an outfit like a good piece of music must flow and move with you so that you are not over encumbered by too many ‘notes’ or garments.

Just to illustrate our point further we are going to show you a selection of images of some particular runway looks we favour in response to our ‘less is more’ ethos, and show you some pieces we think would be great to achieve this modern yet classic look.

Classically Stylish

The first set of looks on offer dictates a subtle approach to mens tailoring in its easiest of forms, making sure nothing appears uptight or overworked. There is a distinct feel of effortlessness in how this gent is dressed. Each look has been clearly thought about, but in a way that appears that it was no effort at all.

lessismore 005

While there is a clear approach in work wear and casual suiting, each look is simple and sticks to one key idea; the pant suit. Each piece has been cleverly composed to fit with each item within the outfit. Blazers have been chosen in response to the colour and styles of the shirts and trousers. Plus accents of colour have been added with shoes or even a bag. Check out the products below for a little bit of inspiration.

brioni blend blazercotton check blazerpique tailored jacket

grey oxford trousersgreen twill chinosdusty blue trousers

longwing derby shoestoe oxford broguesbrown kurt geiger

A Little More Contemporary

Understated doesn’t have to translate as under styled, regardless of how we repeat ourselves about simple elegance; there are allowances to be made for adding a little more edge and modern style to an outfit. These looks encompass a classic inspiration of men’s tailoring but with a bit more of a relaxed approach with a hint of military offered up with the addition of boots and jackets.

lessismore 006

You will notice the distinct lack of colour, this is due to the way these outfits have been styled; simple it is already enough for a great looking outfit without over burdening the style with excess ideas and styling.

seton biker jacketfine jacketberman jacket

mitch teeremus net sweatpremium jacket

leather biker bootsblack worker bootsoiled suede boots

In The End

When it comes down to it, it’s all about intelligent and considerate thinking. Using your eyes and your mind may seem obvious enough but in reality, these are two parts of the body that we sometimes forget about in the getting ready process. We informed you of just two ideas of how to dress using the ‘less is more’ idea, but when you think about it there are many more ideas and interpretations that can be depicted in terms of personal style. What works for you, won’t work for the folks here at MFM, so in the end it comes down to educating yourselves through our carefully instructed advice and then working out what is best for you and your style. Less really is more but not when it comes to thinking, when you think about an outfit think long and hard about how you plan to compose the perfect look. One of the worse things is for anyone to consider you a person who tries too hard, it make you appear as if you are lacking in others areas, and as we all know that simply isn’t true.

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