Why Gaming and Fashion Brands Are Becoming More Intertwined

The rise of occasional gaming has moved from computers to our phones. You don’t need to sit at home to play a game anymore – modern entertainment adapts to the lifestyle demands of its audience.

During the recent decades, gaming developed from being associated with childish or nerdy activities to a multi-million industry, which has its own trends, technologies and superstars. Nowadays online games offer any kind of entertainment, shaped to fit the taste of a choosy audience. From casual casino games like those developed by Evolution gaming to some advanced MMORPGs, any modern gaming content is meticulously designed and created to fit the highest standard. No wonder the fashion industry looks for opportunities for joint projects: virtual worlds of online games are a promising market.

When two cultures collide, it leads to friction, creating a new culture. This new culture is built on different aspects sharing positive and negative impacts. For example, when discussing fashion and gaming, we also talk about two different cultures sharing one space. Gaming represents an entirely new earning means for brands.

Gaming can be a dominant aid in developing brand loyalty. Games are designed for players to forge an emotional or empathic connection. In games, there is a movement looking at both autobiographical experiences and showing real life. Fashion brands set up an ambiance that counts digital innovation to real-life experiences.  

Public engagement has changed since the occurrence of social media. People are constantly exposed to information, images, and videos, and everything is accessible with one swipe. It is believed that games and interactive initiatives have business importance. They offer an innovative and personalized shopping experience, which customers are increasingly asking for.

Playing in style

Video games and fashion meet now more than ever. Being well dressed is an essential part of our lives, offline or online. Fashion brings life into games by bringing in its sense of expression and aesthetic. Today people don’t need to go to the mall to try new or latest trends. Instead, they log into video games like Fortnite or IMVU to design their virtual clothes. In the online world, gaming has become the latest tool for modes of expression. As a result, fashion brands are bringing their products to dress gaming characters in high fashion luxury outfits sold by luxury brands virtually. 

Clothing has always been an integral part of storytelling. In video games, how characters are dressed reflects their character, if they are warriors, villainous creatures, zombies in skin vests and royal boots, ancient armor, sweatpants or a T-shirt. It is more of an advertising move in the fashion and luxury industry. Brands are thinking beyond marketing and social buzz ways to drive attention to commerce destinations.

Despite the fondness for in-game purchases, brands still research or determine consumers’ purchasing preferences. So, while the fashion and gaming collaborations widen, the two advancing groups will likely become more unified. It will be just what fashion is about, to a world and create value, a vision into the final product.

While games maintain and grow their highly engaged audiences, fashion brands find new ways in an ever-advancing digital world. As a result, playing fashionably in the gaming world is a new level of fun.