Does everyone really need a watch? No one needs one, and the best ones are way out of the majority of guys’ price league. Seriously expensive, but hey wherever you look celebrities are wearing a massive bank account on their wrists. But adverts, TV, magazines and every rich guy is showing or wearing power watches. Style is timeless and affordable, but it’s easy to get pushed by advertising or men’s magazines who  promote fashion, and inevitably spend money, and that can indeed lead to debt, confusion and insecurity. 

When it was your 18th or 21st birthday you were often given the most prized gift: a watch, no not a Rolex but a decent Casio or Timex or a gold plated timepiece. And man we were ever happy with that. And all credit to those guys that still have your birthday watch, hang on to it, you never know what it’s worth in years to come.


Sometimes we feel that we really want one, but we don’t want it. A decent mega expensive watch is the ultimate status symbol for any guy, but no matter how much it costs, from £100 to a million bucks. we clock the watch just as the girls clock other girls fabulous shoes. But reality is that the watches primary function is to tell the time, has been rendered obsolete by the fact that we all carry around our mobile phones, so why do we still hanker after them and buy them?

Most guys are truly passionate about wearing a statement piece, and are more than happy to flash the watch and talk about it, whether you have a Swatch or a Patek, that’s the start of it, the obsession. It’s all about being passionate. There is something so fundamentally important about horology. Modern society exists in part because we’ve been able to track time, and as a watch has so much technology in it, but the purpose is so simple.

And did you know that the most common items stolen from celebrities just happen to be, yes, you guessed it, watches!