Whistles’ Move Into Menswear

Whistles have always been one of the top high street brands,but only for women. The designs are impeccable and this is the place where style goes to thrive so you can imagine the excitement around MFM when the news hit that they are branching into menswear. The brand has come to be a love for women who love smart, minimalist clothes that never forget the aspect of fun. This is a design ethos that hits the ground running when it comes to the foray into menswear, and while no images have officially been released we are already inclined to have faith in the visual and design aesthetic of the future clothes to come.

The introduction of a menswear range arrived after a continuing financial success for the growing brand, sales went up by 24% last year and while no figures are available for 2013 the international expansion into Europe, Russia and China may hint at the level of success they are achieving. It would now seem that menswear makes sense and the climate is right for this kind of move, menswear around the world is booming with men taking more care about what they wear and are really investing themselves in stepping out the box in terms of expressive self styling. Chief Executive Jane Shepherdson said in a statement. “This is an ideal time to capitalise on this opportunity and bring the Whistles aesthetic to menswear.”

They do appear to be taking their time with this one for they have a planned launch for AW14, yet it is still unclear as to whether they will show at London’s Menswear showcase, London Collections: Men in June. Whatever happens – this is one launch into menswear that we are excited about.