What Your Shoes Say About You

Whether you’d like to admit it or not, most of us do come up with preconceived notions about other people based on their appearance. And the reality is, even if you weren’t a winner of the genetics lottery, you could still be an incredibly attractive person when you dress for success. And no, we’re not talking about the cliche of dressing for success in business. However you want to present to the rest of the world, can be easily achieved by deciding to dress every day. And, just like your hair’s the crown of your look, your shoes set the stage for everything else from the ground up. So, it’s essential to take the time and decide what kind of shoes fit who you are, who you want to be, and how you want to show up to others. 

Let’s delve into several styles and see what they may or may not say about you. And, if you’re still undecided on what kind of footwear you should be rocking, maybe this will help you come to that conclusion. Further, you could fall into every single category on this list; that’s quite alright because there are literally no rules when it comes to fashion. 

Slide Guy

Slide into their DMs, slide into your slides. Both feel so easy and good. And, you know what they say – if it feels good, do it. Much in the same way Crocs had initially been frowned upon (now almost every famous person or someone in the fashion industry has been photographed in them), slides used to get a bad wrap. But, the reality slides convey relaxed confidence. That’s something that money just can’t buy. Slides say I’m here, my outfit is on point, and you can’t say anything about these slides cause you know I’m rocking them. They’re effortless. They also double as a breath of fresh air for your feet, which is essential for foot health. Not to mention, nothing is more convenient than running out to the store late at night or taking the dog on a walk. You can spend $30 on a pair of Adidas slides or $300 on Gucci ones, and it doesn’t really matter – you’ll look cool either way.

Sneak Peeks

You don’t have to be a full-blown sneakerhead to understand the impact a fresh pair of men’s designer sneakers can make. Unfortunately, the great thing about sneakers, which slides could never pull off, is they can be dressed up. Even if it’s a pair of Air Max’s, you could wear them to a fine dining situation. Sneakers look good with virtually every type of outfit, from linen shorts to a suit. If you can pull off a dressed-up look with a pair of sneakers, you’ve sartorially made it. Hats off to you! If you haven’t already invested in several types of high-end sneakers, now’s the time to do it. You’ll never go wrong with black, but crispy white low tops are iconic because white sneakers can wear them year-round. Don’t forget about a nice neutral brown (think camel-colored) as well. These are the types that are especially easy to pull off in a business setting. If you’re going to be wearing sneakers in a more upscale look, it’s worth it to buy a shorter inseam (by several inches) than you’re used to. Not only does this show off the shoe, it sets you above the rest – you’re a man who shops for specifics, or you go to a tailor. 

These Boots 

They weren’t just made for walking, and they’re literally made for everything. If you’re a guy who repeatedly finds himself reaching for his boots, you’re the type who gets things done – no matter what. You probably know how to dress up your boots with a pair of jeans, which, let’s face it, makes people swoon. Whether you’re a Red Wings type of guy or more of a Clarks boot, you’re into having adventures. And, who doesn’t love a good adventure? If boots don’t sound like your vibe, you at least need a pair for hiking cause basically every dating profile these days talks about hiking or breweries. Boots work for both venues.

This list isn’t all-inclusive, but I don’t think we need to have a conversation about flip flops. Do we? You might be in the wrong place. Either way, summer is upon us, and you’re probably shopping around for some replacements in your foot wardrobe, so hopefully, this gave you a little inspo. Now, get out and enjoy the summer and be confident in what your footwear is saying about you!