If you’re invited to a little fancy ‘do’ that requires a little bit of sartorial polish but not too much of the fancy glitz look, you need to choose options that will pair with a suit but will let you actually find that you’ve stood out, by merely dressing down. To make your suit look nice enough for work is exhausting to the most dedicated of dressers.

So sometimes it makes sense to do just the opposite and start with a suit or blazer and dress all the way down, And when you approach things this way you’ll find things that will make you feel comfortable and promotion-worthy really damn easy.

Nothing comes simpler than just swapping your shirt for something more low key. You could start by thinking, well how about a T-shirt? Well, yes but it would have to be a statement tee, and this will depend on a variety of factors really revolving around how committed you are to dressing down the suit that you will be wearing. Going for a slightly bolder colour always works, nothing horrendous that’s for sure, but enough to  make your combo noticeable in a good way.

A cashmere or fine merino wool  crew neck sweater will make you feel like a member of the English upper crust like pairing a sweater with a textured suit or jacket and plain tailored trousers.a nice colour will give off a sophisticated monochrome vibe if you keep your colour much the same, and it’s good to stock upon a variety of options. Throw on a pair of obscenely expensive boots or shoes and you’ve got yourself a fit that’ll take you from the upmarket restaurant to a dinner party without hassle. Turtlenecks are optional but encouraged.

Want to go a little more up from a T-shirt? Try wearing a humble polo shirt, a versatile and probably the best way to dress down a suit or jacket and trousers, and if you want to steer away from bland or neutral colours and go bold with a print that will give off a 70s vibe. It’ll also give you that perfect put-together look especially when the going isn’t really that formal.