What To Wear To A Spring Wedding

Now, I don’t know about you but, personally, I love a good wedding. Free cake aside, the most exciting part for me is deciding on what to wear and conveniently, I’m going to one this weekend. Being an overly organised female, naturally I had my outfit planned and bought by the end of January but with only a few more sleeps to go I’ve now started pondering what everyone else will be wearing – hopefully not the same as me.

For women, there’s such an array of choice out there it makes finding something fabulous to wear a relatively easy task. But, for men it’s all too easy to fall into the black suit, boring shirt/tie combo because, really, if you’re not prepared to put in the leg work it’s actually kinda hard to find something decent. So, I’ve decided to do the hard work for you and there are plenty of options.

My first piece of advice would be to try and think outside the box a little and one of the best ways to do this is with colour. Make a statement by opting for lighter shades instead of a plain black and dazzle the guests with a sharp shirt/tie colour combination or opt for an exciting print. But, as much as you want your outfit to be innovative your statement shouldn’t be too bold: I imagine an angry bride isn’t quite so much fun. Pastel colours are extremely popular this coming season, and it’s something we covered last week.


Now that spring is gracing us natural coloured suits work extremely well, especially in lighter fabrics. Navy is always a great choice – classic and elegant but a little lighter than black and much more flattering. If you’re really daring then go for a pop of colour. I would recommend quite a deep tone, perhaps burgundy, and ensure you’re only making one statement in your outfit so balance it out with a more subtle shirt.



If you’ve gone for quite a neutral suit then you should definitely work some fashion magic on your shirt, tie and shoes. Personally, I’ve always thought mixing a striped shirt with a dotted tie is a killer combination so long as you’re working with limited amounts of colour and neither prints are too large. Stripes on stripes are also a vibrant option but again, the same rules apply.

Shoes are also hugely important and often not thought about. So many times I’ve seen a perfectly polished outfit ruined from lack of footwear thought. Make sure yours are smart and in line with the rest of your outfit, so don’t even think about wearing a black pair if you’ve opted for a navy suit! Oxfords and brogues are classic and timeless and always create a sophisticated look but try to find a pair that isn’t too bulky otherwise they’ll look a little dated. If you want something a bit more suave then choose loafers with a slimmer toe but ensure you also opt for a fairly tailored trouser to keep the look fresh and modern.

My father always dislikes having to wear suits at the weekend. “I already wear them five days a week” he says, “so why would I want to wear one on my day off?” It’s an excellent point, I’m sure, so try and break away from the usual 9-5 look and be a little more creative with colour, print and tailoring. This is a wedding, not the office, after all.