What To Wear This Spring

With Spring well and truly sprung, it’s the season to start digging out your lighter layers, sunglasses and start holiday planning for the summer. If your seasonal wardrobe is in need of a revamp and your looking for some style inspiration; we’re here to help!

It can be a difficult task investing in new pieces especially if you’re not sure where to start. In this guide, we take a look at three timeless trends this season and how they can be worked into your personal style with ease. Get ready for some ace product picks and helpful style hints along the way.

spring 1

Breton Beau

spring 2

Going back as far as the mid-twentieth century, stripes have always come out on top. Originally designed and made for French Sailors in the Navy; the idea behind the stripe was to cleverly keep a watchful eye on those who may accidentally fall overboard, as the pattern made for a good distraction in the water.

spring 3

This fantastic colour-way of navy and white or cream has remained unchanged throughout the years, with brands and designers only adapting the size of the stripe and placement on the garment. Continuing to evolve with the modern times, this nostalgic design has a sense of vintage charm worn with jeans; reminiscent of the Beatnik era in the 1950’s- 60’s.

With the classic colour-way of navy and white or cream, it’s very tricky to get this look wrong. Stripes come in all forms of tees, pullovers and sweatshirts these days. Worn with bright yellow, light tobacco or beige- the Breton stripe compliments these shades so well.

spring 4

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Famous fans of this iconic top include, James Dean, Pablo Picasso and Andy Warhol.

spring 5

Printed Pal

spring 6

As you may already know, prints are big this summer and essentially there is a wide range to choose from- perhaps too many. Festival season is on its way and soon you’ll find yourself looking for the ideal summery staple for the weekend. Look no further than the vintage inspired print shirt; with a slim comfortable fit, collar and short sleeves this is the perfect shirt to set off your summer wardrobe.

spring 7

This season prints have done a 360-degree style overhaul, taking inspiration from nature & landscapes, art, animals and digital technology. Style-wise anything currently goes, the brighter and the more intricate the print- the better it will look teamed with jeans and classic white sneakers.

spring 8

Don’t be afraid to try out this trend, especially if you’re coming out of your comfort zone. There are prints out there a little subtler than most, and you won’t regret investing in a new exciting piece to enhance your current wardrobe. Check out the ace products below to see if anything takes your fancy…

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The Roll-Up Trouser

spring 9

It can be noted that this isn’t actually a new trend, it’s a style detail that has come to light this season; a trend that has been established through the streets and the essence of ones personal style. Jeans, chinos and smart trousers have all been displayed this season with a neat roll-up. A trick used by cyclists, as well as unexpected warm temperatures that persuade you to hitch up your trousers at the ankle. The verdict is; it looks good and keeps everything streamlined.

spring 10

Socks or no socks? I hear you ask. It’s all down to personal preference- no socks looks better if you’ve opted for a smart pair of monks, loafers or brogues. Wear what you feel comfortable in, if you’re not a sock connoisseur – there are cropped styles available that are invisible to the eye when worn.

spring 11

If you want to make a bold statement however; style your roll-ups with a pair of bright or patterned socks, this instantly injects personality into your look and works well with top-to-toe dark shades.

(Top Tip; go for a slightly tapered leg this will help achieve a neat roll-up)

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Here at MFM, we hope you have enjoyed our style guide of summer pieces you can leisurely work into your current wardrobe. Channelling new trends can sometimes be a difficult task, but it’s refreshing to explore more relaxed styles, that you can easily adapt to your personal taste. If you’re stuck for what to wear this summer, you can consider three more options now. Always choose a piece that you feel will provide you with more options rather than hinder your personal styling efforts. Enjoy scoping out your next summer staple.