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What To Pack For A Weekend Away

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There’s nothing like the excitement of booking a last minute city break, whether that be with friends or someone special. There’s also nothing quite like the task of having to do some last minute packing. Panic usually sets in and you can end up leaving something essential behind. Let MFM give you a helping hand with a short guide and accompanying video to get you through Friday to Sunday.

Climate comes into it but for arguments sake let’s go for somewhere in Europe in early spring. You will need the following:

  • 1x Grey Suit
  • 1x Raw Denim/Indigo Jeans
  • 2x Ties (one knitted, one silk)
  • 2x Pocket Squares (one cotton, one silk)
  • 1x Dress Shirt
  • 1x White Button Down Shirt
  • 1x Crew Neck Sweater
  • 1x T-shirt
  • 1x Brogues
  • 1x Pair of sneakers or Loafers
  • 1x Mac/Lightweight Rain Coat.

Essential Luggage

Now you’re thinking, what are you going to pack your clothes in? We love these cases below. All hand luggage size, super stylish and built to last.

garment square bagvictorinox

salsa cabin suitecaserimowa suitecase

Look One

You are flying out on Friday evening. It’s good to start wearing your suit if it’s a short flight as it’ll save you getting it pressed when you arrive. If you have an unstructured suit, go with that as it will be comfortable and relaxed without looking too formal, but can be smartened up when needed. Pair it with a button down shirt, loafers or sneakers (depending on which you have decided to take) and carry your mac.

birdseye grey suitsmidgrey trousers

rugger collar shirtscommon projects sneakers

As soon as you arrive at the hotel hang your suit jacket in the bathroom, stick the shower on full heat for ten minutes and shut the door. The steam from the shower will get rid of the creases in your jacket and trousers, and works wonders getting the creases out of your shirts so hang those too.

Look Two

For your second look, which will be a good deal for a Saturday afternoon walking around the city, go for you indigo jeans, a white t-shirt and use the jacket from the suit as a blazer. Finish of the look with your brogues and a folded cotton pocket square. If it’s raining simply layer up with your Mac.

dry apc denimcrew sunspel tee

topman birdseyecurzon macengland archie

Look Three

For your third look, we’ve created something which is perfect for a Saturday evening when you’re going somewhere fancy for dinner. Go with your suit, crisp dress shirt, a silk tie, your loafers or brogues and chuck in your silk hankie. You’ll get the best table in the house.

birdseye grey suitscurved alpha shirts

ended silk tiescircle canali squareengland archie

Look Four

For a more relaxed Sunday look, and if the weather is a little colder, go for the trousers from the suit, the button down shirt, a crew neck sweater, knitted tie, your sneakers or loafers. If you decide to go to some galleries to avoid the rain you can lose the Mac and you won’t be too hot.

rugger collar shirtscharvet porter ties

merino smith sweatertopman grey trouserslow common sneakers

Look Five

For the flight back go with your full suit again, this time with your white t-shirt, folded cotton hankie and white sneakers or loafers and you should fit everything neatly in your carry on.

topman birdseyeengland sunspellow common sneakers

A Final Note…

We’ve shown you how, with a little bit of pre-planning, you can pack for a three day trip and give yourself a total of five, super stylish looks. So next time you’re getting ready to pack for a short weekend city break, don’t lose your head, just use our simple guide and you’ll have five looks that will get you the entire weekend. Just don’t lose your luggage.

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