What To Do With Old Clothing

As you become older and learn about the intricacies of fine style, you understand more about dressing for the right season, occasion, and time of the day. Additionally, your tastes will change throughout the years and trends will come and go, so one day you might look through your drawers or wardrobe and think: “Will I ever wear this again?” Sure, there might have been a time in your life when wearing DC skate shoes, camouflage jeans, a chain wallet, and a Metallica Ride The Lightning T-shirt was the pinnacle of cool… but if those things have been collecting dust somewhere for a decade, then now is the time to ditch those clothes and other items you’d be embarrassed to be seen in nowadays.

Sell Them

Since eBay came along in 1995, it’s been a never-ending surprise to find out that someone, somewhere will want to buy your old stuff. You might not be as rock ‘n’ roll as you used to, but you can bet anything a teenager only now discovering Metallica would adore a vintage Metallica T-shirt. It’s remarkably easy to upload your items to eBay, and you’ll only pay a seller’s fee if you actually sell the item(s). That said, it’s possible you might get a taste for selling things and you’ll start to resent eBay taking a cut of your profits! In fact, some people may put it upon themselves to build an online shop, using this provider, for example, as you’ll have further control over your earnings. But either way, someone is happy with your idle clothing and you gain more income.

Give Them Away

If you don’t feel you have the time or entrepreneurial spirit to sell clothing, giving it away to people in need is a worthwhile cause. The British Red Cross and Oxfam will usually take any older items of clothing, provided the state is acceptable (not smelly, stained, or damaged). Furthermore, the British Heart Foundation can actually pick up your items at your door, including large furniture and electrical objects. Take a look at their page for more details.

Regardless of whether you sell or give away old clothing, your wardrobe and drawers will thank you for it, and you’ll gain peace of mind knowing that your items are being put to good use.