What I Wore To My Wedding

On June 7th, 2017… I became a ‘husband’.

Me, my now wife, our two boys and 11 of our closest family members and friends headed out to Tuscany in Italy to celebrate our wedding.

Staying in a romantic villa for a week, the whole experience was one I’d never forget…

But you’re not interested in the romantic details right?

More, what I wore on the day…

So in this article (and video) today I wanted to highlight what attire I chose as groom and why.

Choosing The Suit

I never knew how much thought needed to go into your wedding suit. I’d always had a basic idea of what I’d like to have worn, but there’s a number of variables you have to consider.

From fitting in to the wedding colour theme to renting or hiring a suit, choosing your attire as a groom can be a daunting task.

groom wedding

I didn’t want a suit that created too much of a statement, I wanted something simple. A subtle statement would be made through paying attention to the detailing, such as the fit and the accessories.

I wanted to keep it classic, something I’d look back on in years to come and not think “oh I wish I didn’t jump on that trend”…

I also had to consider the fabric and comfort of the suit, knowing that the wedding would be at the heat of the day in Italy I didn’t want to experience a wardrobe malfunction.

I then had to think about the groomsmen, and sizing for them…

As you can see, a simple decision of “I’ll wear that suit” quickly became something that required a lot more thought.

The Suit

I went for this 1 button, Italian Wool slim fit suit from TM Lewin.

suit jacket

The ‘Fern’ suit from TM Lewin is cut from pure Italian wool and it’s soft and smooth to touch making it comfortable to wear. Instead of opting for a standard Navy, the fabric of this suit is a more vibrant blue tone creating that subtle statement.

The one-button makes it simple, and the peaked lapels offer a more contemporary silhouette.

In terms of the fit, off the rack it’s labelled a ‘Slim Fit’ and the first additional fitting was quite surprising. TM Lewin offers basic alterations, and I ended up getting the suit trousers shortened and tapered, alongside getting the jacket tapered.

navy suit groom

The shirt was a classic white and accessories were added to compliment the suit but add some touches of individuality. Originally I was going to opt for a navy tie but I decided against it last minute, with this colour tie off setting the blue on the suit.

navy suit white shirt

I decided to opt for a different pocket square to the groomsmen, but both pocket squares created a subtle statement. I was originally advised to go for a ‘pop of colour’ with the pocket square but I wanted to continue with the simple blue theme.

The shoes were some classic brown loafers and the lapel flower was handmade.

groom wedding attire summerwedding attire for mengroom navy suit

Your Wedding

So that’s what I wore, what did you wear?

Or if you’re still unmarried, what would you like to wear?

Let me know in the comments below!

To find out more about the suit, accessories and shirt I wore head over to TM Lewin here.

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