Ways To Wear Burgundy

Cool burgundy, deep maroon, dark claret, no I am not talking about the colours of fine French wines nor the names of some defunct 80’s prog-rock bands but instead a colour that in the past couple of years has risen from its sartorial slumber to make its mark on many a man’s wardrobe.

Call it what you will (to make this article easier we at MFM shall call it burgundy) this is a colour that has suddenly realised that no matter the season, come rain or shine it can be ever present in both our formal and casual attire; from shirts to shorts, t-shirts to trousers, suits to accessories, burgundy goes with everything.

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Burgundy’s diversity is something that has not gone amiss in the world of high fashion with a number of brands promoting this vibrant and rich colour – Ami, Prada, Dior Homme and Topman Design all played with the idea of burgundy for their Spring / Summer 2014 collections, creating a smorgasbord of outfit ideas through this one colour.

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Burgundy is the ideal hue for us gents, it gives us the opportunity to add some much needed colour to our wardrobes but at the same juncture is not too overbearing. It sits comfortably with both contemporary and classical fashion and style and, as mentioned previously, works well in all manner of clothing choices.

It also happens to lend itself to pretty much every other colour on the chart – want to wear your traditional navy, white and black with Burgundy? That shan’t be a problem, sir. Want to be a little more adventurous in your choice of colour? How about mustard yellow or light blue. Or, why not go crazy and team up a burgundy top and bottoms. Ok, well maybe not quite yet but you get the point.

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Us men have needed a versatile yet exciting colour to drag us away from everyday navy for some time and it would seem in the rich shade of burgundy we have finally found one. Here’s just a few ideas on how you can incorporate this colourful gem into your daily wears.


The simplest way to step into the world of burgundy is through the classic t-shirt. Wear it with navy or black jeans, pull on a pair of khaki chinos (these two colours go particularly well together) or wear it under a washed denim jacket or corduroy mustard shirt, whatever you decide, the burgundy t-shirt will complement your outfit.

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The burgundy suit may sound a little daring but when worn with the appropriate attire, this is a fantastic way of modernising the classic suit. The idea here is to keep the rest of your outfit clean and simple – a fresh white shirt, burgundy tie and black dress shoes give this outfit an air of panache without being too exuberant.

ollie wine jacketswine hentsch trouserwhite cuffs shirts

tooth puppy tiescrepe porter shoestan topman cardholder


Holiday season is very much upon us and wearing the correct shorts (as I have written about in my previous article on Shorts here) is extremely important. A good pair of tailored burgundy shorts worn with a plain t-shirt or polo shirt will ensure you do not put a fashion foot wrong this summer.

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When it comes to accessories, burgundy is very much a colour living for the now. It doesn’t matter if it’s ties or beanies, bags or belts, you will find them in burgundy. The key here is to ensure that you do not go all out burgundy (unless you’re creating a fashion shoot) but team it up with other colours for a more subtle approach.

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Some Final Words…

Colour and the ways in which they are associated with seasons can often be detrimental to when and how they are worn but thankfully burgundy appears to shun such rules, making its mark on both our summer and winter wardrobes.

Burgundy is a colour us gents can embrace without fear of stepping too far into the realms of colour which helps to ensure we feel both comfortable and cool at the same time. So whatever you wish to call it, just ensure there are a few pieces in your wardrobe as you head through summer and in to autumn, you won’t regret it.