Wardrobe Essentials: The Flat Cap

Accessories as we all know are a key ingredient to composing the perfect outfit, yet many of us forget about these entirely. Some pieces have been around for centuries and often carry a stigma of being outdated or old fashioned. The flat cap is one of these pieces, unfairly tainted with this idea of being too old school to be cool. A hat is the perfect finishing touch to any ensemble, and the diversity of a flat cap is commonly forgotten in the world of hats. As a proud Brit I hold this idea of tradition dear to my heart, and this kind of hat is something that is consumed in heritage. This kind of heritage is stereotypically associated with old English aristocracy; gentlemanly tweeds and brogues are the more obviously associated pieces. Mental images of old English hunters with their shotguns cocked ready to mount a trusty steed all in the name of wild game (tally-ho!). The flat cap is also associated with a different kind of heritage, think of Oliver Twist and the working classes of Victorian London with the added hint of Dickensian charm.

flat caps1

With that being said the flat cap, or driving hat as it is alternatively known has become the go to modern accessory for a host of celebrity clientele. Justin Timberlake and David Beckham are two particularly stylish gents that have been papped recently rocking this heritage look. Being two of our most favourite style icons here at MFM, we encourage our readers to seek inspiration from these gents as much as possible. The number of male celebrities that have been seen in this hat brings forth our next point.

mens flat caps

This style of hat pretty much suits any face shape so it literally can be worn by everyone. Not only does it have versatility for its wearers, but versatility is a key point when considering the purchase of this item. The flat cap literally can go with any of the current trends that are rocking the runways. The Miami beach trend of summer shorts and pastels is a look that will work in harmony with this piece, also a flat cap is also the perfect accent to any businessman’s suited and booted outfit (not for in the office though – dress codes and all that!).

flat caps for men

The essence of tradition is slowly being given a modern makeover with the flat cap starting to appear in many other colours and styles other than the traditional British tweeds. For the more traditional at heart like myself; these styles are still widely available but for the more daring new colours and patterns are becoming more and more readily available. This creates for a nice blend of classic styles with contemporary aesthetics, which is perfect for the more experimental fashion forward gent.

mens flat caps2

If you are looking to replace your current signature item or even add to your style staples, the flat cap couldn’t be a more perfect yet still unexpected choice. Not quite fully formed in the high street yet but on the verge of making a dramatic entrance into all of our wardrobes, this piece is going to appear as if from nowhere. So now is the perfect chance for you to grip this trend before it reaches the masses. Personally, I already have 5 of these fantastic hats – 3 in varying shades of grey, one in beige, and one in blue ready for the summer weather. However it is unlikely to remain at just 5 because like the rest of you fashion obsessed individuals there can never be enough.

flat caps for men2

Get The Look

Because style is so subjective, the idea of options is vaster than you can imagine and at times the level of choice can be intimidating. So to get you started here are a few of our favourite product picks for you to peruse, ponder and purchase.

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grey fine flat capcotton blend flat capbrown herringbone cap

plaid flat capcontrast flat capnavy flat caps

grey balmoral capscorduroy flat cappattern flat caps

crieff capwax capplaid blend flat cap

barbour wax capfarrell flat capwool flat caps


It is now hopefully clear, as to how popular these hats are going to be due to the availability of them from the majority of online retailers. It seems that every brand or boutique is jumping on this accessory trend that is literally going to explode before your eyes. Embrace the tradition as well as the modern twists that are going to be hitting the high street. How do you feel about the resurgence of the fantastic flat cap? Is this something you are going to be trying or do you already wear it with the finesse of an already seasoned heritage savvy gent? Any comments for us, you already know what to do in the box below.