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Wardrobe Essentials: The Denim Shirt

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For the majority of us here at MFM we are constantly on the lookout for new pieces and new ways to wear certain items. It goes without saying that we all love a good transitional piece that is bang on trend and can be worn with pretty much anything. The denim shirt is a piece that fits all of these criteria and is probably something the majority of you may have in your wardrobe already, if not it really won’t be hard to pick one up from your favourite fashion retailer.

The denim shirt is part of the recent denim revival but it is a great piece if you don’t want to go for a full on denim look. The denim shirt is something that has been rocked by many a make celeb, such as David Beckham and Ed Westwick. You can combine a denim shirt with denim jeans as long as it is done in a casual way, too much denim can end up looking a bit too cowboy and not in the good way. You want to stick with a rustic approach to denim and it will naturally add a masculine edge to your look.

denim shirt1

There are a number of different ways the denim shirt can worn, you don’t always have to stick the typical way and wear it with a white tee and jeans which is still a good look in itself. If you think about how many ways you can wear a regular shirt, then we begin to realise that the denim shirt can be just as versatile. Even the denim shirt itself comes in many different variations from dip dyed, to studded, hooded and even in other colours than the regular shades of blue.

denim shirt lookbook

Look One: Casual Denim

This first look is inspired by the typical casual denim look that men like David Beckham seem to favour at the moment. Mr Beckham is a style icon that we have always looked to for masculine fashion influence for he carries himself with confidence and with enough style to spare. This look consists of our main piece the denim shirt, combined with darker denim jeans and a white tee. The way to wear this look is to have the shirt buttoned up halfway from the bottom, still showing plenty of the white tee underneath. Then add simple accessories such as boots, a beanie and aviator sunglasses to complete the look.

bleached denim shirtwhite neck tshirtsoshima lggy jeans

chukka brown leatherbench wallet setframed aviator sunglasses

Look Two: Preppy Denim

Preppy is a style/trend that has been around for a while, and to give it a new twist the inclusion of a denim shirt is what will bring it right up to date. Take your denim shirt tucked into a pair of tailored shorts, an amazing blazer and the obligatory bow tie to create a cool preppy look with added denim. Add some brogues and a nice pair of ray ban sunglasses and you are ready for a day in the sun.

cotton jacketsindigo sleeve shirtssuffield shorts

patterned silk tiestwo tone sunglassescornflower gum

Look Three: Cool Denim

This look is taken in the direction of being cool and laid back. Pairing a denim shirt with a casual leather jacket may not seem like something you would normally combine, but when you add in a pair of coloured chinos it gives the style a different kind of edge to it. Push up the sleeves of the jacket to give the look something different, rolled up sleeves always give the air of being casual and relaxed. It almost has a modern feel of James Dean, with the whole outfit created from this idea of being laid back and cool.

motorcycle jacketsdot denims shirttopman skinny chinos

newlook beltsbrown ankles bootsleather wrist strap


Denim shirts are one of the key staple pieces every gent needs in his wardrobe, one of my favourite summer pieces is my dark denim look shirt that I purchased a couple of weeks ago. Even I am surprised by the versatility of a single item of clothing. Now it’s over to you, tell us how you wear your denim shirt or is it something you have yet to try? Pop a comment in the box below.

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