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Wardrobe Essentials: The Beach Edit

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It’s that time of year: summer getaways are fast approaching and, be it for a weekend break in the UK or a longer escape overseas, your wardrobe will need to have been suitably prepared. Finding the perfect beach attire can be tricky and, with such a bare-all obligation, you want to make sure that you get this right. Let us help with our brief edit of beachwear essentials – elements to build an outfit that all have our approval for a stylish seaside session.

beach 1

Swim Shorts

An absolute must – obviously. It’s important to invest in a pair that you’ll always feel comfortable in, so make sure to consider the style and fit, but definitely the quality. Fashion vs. function is a fun debate but function has to play a part here.

beach 2

Recent seasons have seen a shift which embraces the short short. Not super short, uncessarily-revealing-far-too-much short, but certainly a style that finishes a few inches above the knee. And forget florals too – so last season, darling. Go for graphic, even digital prints and striking colours that will help you stand out in a sea of less fashionably aware beach bums.

blurred shortsorange board shortsprint swims shorts

oiler swim shortsspot swim shortsangra swim shorts

Longer styles that often connote the casualness of the surf scene still have their place – these are a popular choice and, in a good colour and at the right length (at or just past the knee), can be surprisingly versatile, easily smartened up with a shirt for the evening.

okoa shortsvile swim shortsswim printed shorts

linea swim shortsspeedo shortsstripe blue shorts


You will of course need comfortable footwear. And we all know how hard it can be to find something that is suitably stylish but easy on the feet. We have searched long and hard to offer you our favourite buys this season that will tick all of the boxes.

beach 3

We’ll always advise opting for leather sandals – not merely a touch of sophistication but also a soft, breathable material – or classic-cum-trendy espadrille. Otherwise, this is one of the only places we suppose we’ll allow the humble flip-flop.

dan ward sandalskedly londonmarbella sandals

pablo sandalsportofino sandalsbalenciaga sandals

dan flip flopsgandys flip flopscloud flip flops


Safety first: rather than fighting a losing battle with the all-too-powerful sun, cover up with a t-shirt. All for the better if it’s one of the season’s many cool designs on offer.

beach 4

We have seen plenty that have taken our fancy – digital or art-inspired prints and fresh summer accents and all-over colours. Stick with natural cottons or even lightweight linen, and avoid synthetics where you can, to keep cool in soaring temperatures.

jil neck teebless sky bluevneck lauren tee

wooyo teecotton classic crewtech givenchy tee

penguin pepsijet cotton teesscribble tee


At MFM, we are huge fans of sunglasses, and with such an ever vast selection on offer, always revel in any opportunities to shop eyewear. Sunglasses for a holiday should be seen as an investment piece; that is, something that will last longer than the holiday itself. So you want something classic and classy.

beach 5

That said, we’d buy hundreds of pairs every year if we could. So why not throw the rulebook out the window here and just have at the colossal range? The perfect pair of stunner shades is a touch of individuality and style signature to any look, not to mention the closest you’ll get to an invisibility cloak for checking out the scantily clad bodies that surround you.

rectangle sunglassesblonde moscotgross aviator

illesteva sunglassesporter raybanmondelliani

illestiva roundclear glickround spitfire

A Final Note

So there you have it: our essentials for sterling style even at the beach. Follow our rough guide and you’ll be sure to look and feel the part, whether larking about on the sand or in the sea. With endless options of great accessible fashion, there is no excuse, whatever you’re up to this summer, not to do it with style and class.

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