Wardrobe Essentials: Structured Holdalls

It may have become apparent that the enthusiasm for a man bag has somewhat escalated this season, with the average gent more than willing to add a stylish bag to his arsenal of accessories. However; it would seem that this has caused designers and retailers to get a little over zealous and this has allowed bags to have lost their way. There are far too many different styles of man bags available right now, and while I am one to never shy away from too much choice; this season has gotten just a little ridiculous. There are overly feminised clutches which started off as an interesting idea yet has taken on a life of its own. There are also cotton and canvas totes which have distracted from the fact that during the winter months, a dapper gent needs a bag with some semblance of structure in order for his belongings to survive the ridiculously fast transition into drastic climate changes.

Holdalls 001

Now there have been articles from us in the past regarding new styles of bags, and while these are now outdated and irrelevant to a degree; you will not find yourself bombarded with this season’s array of trends and styles in regards to the trusty man bag. As mentioned before the different variations available this season are a little beyond excessive and who wants to be overwhelmed with a selection of poor choice and bad taste? So this time around we will be looking at something of a reliable and sturdy, whilst still remaining stylish kind of bag that every man could do with right now. Being a freelance writer and a student at the same time seems to result in my time never really being my own, and I can often be found running back and forth between lectures, seminars and article writing wherever I can find a free moment. I spend the majority of my mornings and evenings on trains looking flustered (yet still remaining stylish) realising that my bag is too small for that important item that I forgot while I was running out of the front door. Does this sound familiar?

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To solve this problem the research into a suitable carrying device has proven that a sturdy and stylish bag makes all the difference. We are all now beginning to carry our lives with us and have now found that our careers/studies and lives in general are as mobile as we are. That is why it would benefit the busy gent to invest in a high quality and sturdy leather holdall. This does not mean the soft and limp leather bag that we saw during summer, this autumn/winter is making way for a more structured bag that is finding itself suitable and adept to surviving the numbers of disgruntled passengers you hit on the train as you fumble past.

Holdalls 003

If you invest some time in looking for a quality bag, then you may realise that the bag you need should be considered an investment piece. Try and allow yourself to be a little more open to spending a little more on something of a higher quality that will last you a decent length of time. There are labels like Mulberry, Gucci and Lanvin just to name a few who have been churning out some fantastic structured and stylish designs that suit all of the points that have been made within this article. You may also notice that the colour palette in regards to men’s leather holdalls is that of a muted one, but do not be deterred for this can and will work to your advantage. There are many a black bag out there but what this offers is versatility and therefore the ability to carry your new bag as part of many different style combinations. This relates to articles we have written about all black outfits that offer more in terms of styling than variety of colour. This positive thinking should be utilised when searching for the perfect bag, black is a strong and powerful colour so don’t let it put you off. To help you with your search, check out the suggestions we have made mainly down to our lust for the perfect man bag; but also to allow for functional capabilities also.

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The leather holdall should be the new mans best friends, it takes care of the parts of your life you need with you on a day to day basis. My recent choices in bags have lead to many a positive remark about my taste or style in said bag; and any kind of compliment is always a bonus. Style and function can co-exist in stylish harmony and so can your bag. So go ahead and make life and your commute a little easier, a structured leather holdall is most definitely the way to go this season.