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Wardrobe Essentials: Pocket Squares

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It is a well known fact that accessories make or break any outfit; this is something we have hammered home more than a few times. So what if the accessory is so small and simple that it is more often overlooked than over thought? Sometimes it is the simplest things that we forget about, and this time around it is the humble pocket square.

pocketsquares 001

Also known as a handkerchief if you want to look at it from a functional perspective, was originally created for the sole purpose of wiping your hands, face, or the most obvious association of blowing one’s nose. It may seem ludicrous now to think that something that was initially intended for function has a very different role today. Back in the day, the material your handkerchief was made of was seen as symbolic of the social class of the wearer, primarily down to the fact that some materials are significantly more expensive than others.

pocketsquares 002

In today’s modern and stylish world a handkerchief is no longer called a handkerchief because it no longer serves the purpose of the prehistoric original invention. We now wear (the now called) pocket squares as a piece of visually pleasing fashion statement. Now we don’t really take into consideration status in regards to fabric, we simply judge a man by how bold his pocket square is. The brighter and more fun the pocket square, then the wearer must clearly be fashion aware, bold and loves to make a statement.  With so many styles, prints, fabrics and variations it almost seems impossible to not make a statement. Pocket squares are taking a spot centre stage in a similar way to the bow tie in that we are seeing more and more of them. More retailers are stocking wider variations, so therefore more people are wearing them. Obviously you can only really wear them in the front pocket of a suitably stylish blazer but this doesn’t stop you from creating as many crazy and fun combinations as possible.

pocketsquares 003

There are also many different ways in which you can fold and present a pocket square and we have hinted a few in our selection of imagery to accompany this piece. However I feel that it is much better to watch a video than a diagram in regards to the many different methods, so keep a look out for the videos that will get posted next week.

pocketsquares 004

Pocket squares are getting bolder in design and style, and this is a wonderful thing because it gives you an almost limitless choice. However if like me you develop an obsession for certain fashion pieces then it becomes a necessity that you have to have one of every style; this can get a little expensive. So take a look at some of our favourite pieces and feel free to add a few of these to you collection, not that we would ever encourage over spending of course.

leaf printed pocketsquareboglioli pocketsquareduck printed pocketsquare

floral black pocketsquareport pocket squareforest green pocketsquares

phezzy pocketsquareubugme pocketsqauregeoboy pocketsquare

pastoral rose pocket squarespotted pocketsquareslanvin paisley pocketsquare

icarus charcoal pocketsquarefirth orange pocketsquareholiday multi pocketsquare


There are more styles of pocket squares than we could ever cover in one article, so we are now putting it to you our loyal readers to let us know of any other places to get really cool pocket squares from. Maybe there is a random boutique you know of, or even a really cool vintage clothes shop. Whatever the style, let us know in the comments below.

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