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Wardrobe Essentials: Bags

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There seems to be a certain stigma with men when it comes to bags. We’ve all heard of the dreaded ‘Man-Bag’ and now the document holder (that has been renamed the ‘Mutch’, short for Man Clutch!) is making front row appearances at menswear shows the world over. To us, here at MFM it seems strange that there is so much opposition to something that is an absolute essential if you don’t want to be walking everywhere with your pockets bursting, so we thought we’d guide you through the world of men’s bags.


Also known as the ‘Shopper’ this is a perfect informal weekend bag. When talking about versatility and getting as much use out of something as possible, what could be better than a bag that can hold your last minute shopping on the way home from work, your sun cream, sunglasses and reading material at the beach and can even work as a quick overnight stay bag should you need to carry your phone charger, and a fresh t shirt?

bags 1

Totes come in all shapes and sizes, from low cost nylon bags that really should just be used for your shopping or the beach, right up to beautifully crafted leather and canvas bags from Want Les Essentiels that wouldn’t look out of place on the front row at LCM. We’ve created a weekend look using a stunning bag from Want Les Essentiels, and with it’s canvas and leather construction, is built to last.

want les bagvans asos trainers

regent t trousersmatthew miller sweatersmillers formal shirts


A bag that has seen a huge rise in popularity over the last few seasons and has now become an absolute essential at fashion weeks the world over. It’s simplicity, elegance and small size, mean this is really one to carry your bare essentials. However, a worthy investment should you want to avoid walking around with stuffed pockets if you ask us Somewhat cruelly nicknamed the ‘Mutch’, this is not a bag you should be embarrassed to carry.

bags 2

Pick the right bag and arriving at a meeting with your relevant documents, your Mont Blanc pen and your Smythson notepad, the only comments you’ll be attracting will be ones of pure envy.

We’ve created an office ready look below, using an elegant bag from Prada paired with shoes, belt and watch strap all in the same black grain Leather. Pairing the accent colour from the bag to match your suit, this is a boardroom look that’ll turn heads for all the right reasons.

laptop asos satchelhavana grey plain

g zero collectionskull porter tiestsovet watches


The humble backpack, a bag that can finish off any casual look to perfection. The biggest issue with a backpack is not looking like a) a school boy and b) a banker carrying their cycling gear. With so much choice, and backpacks becoming ever more stylish by the day, there’s no excuse to get this one wrong.

bags 3

Perfect for those of us who cycle, or travel a lot, something simple, classic and built to last will only grow better with age. We love this backpack from Herschel. It’s simple, hard wearing and versatile. The perfect choice for an overnight stay with friends or a festival weekend. We’ve used this backpack for this relaxed, off duty look. Matching up the leather detailing from the bag with a contrast leather boot, really helps tie everything together.

rubber urban backpacksunspel short shirts

max melrosehybrid asos bootsbrown california


Be it the gym or a weekend away, nothing is going to take care of you better than a Holdall. ‘Leather for pleasure/pleather for leisure’ is not entirely true in this case.  Another option that truly sweeps the full cost range, a simple nylon or canvas holdall is perfect for chucking in the boot of your car or taking on the tube.

bags 4

A fine leather number may be better suited to the passenger seat of your car, or an airport lounge somewhere, however there are options that combine both elements to make something practical yet very stylish.

We love the bags by Filson. Completely practical, hard wearing but super stylish, you really can’t go wrong with one of their bags. Simplicity combined with solid construction means this is a bag that’s going to serve you equally in the town and country. For the look below we’ve gone for something that screams countryside weekend break.

duffle medium bagmatches belstaff jackets

hunter original bootsgrey brooklynsmith walker umbrella


A decent bag is something you shouldn’t be afraid of. Whether it’s something for the weekend, the city or anywhere in between, finding a hard wearing, stylish bag should be easy with so much choice on the market.

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