Wardrobe Essentials: Bags

As we go about our daily business wandering around performing errand after errand, we forget about the importance of a good quality bag and how we can often take it for granted. If you start to take note and look around you, you will begin to see that the majority of men now carry some form of functional bag. As a general rule bags have never really been seen as the most masculine of accessories but as we move into a more modern and free thinking society the idea of a ‘man bag’ is becoming less of an unusual thing. Ok so maybe you are thinking that bags aren’t exactly revolutionary in terms of testing the depths of modern masculinity, but as with current fashion trends; styles are becoming far more exuberant and vibrant than the male species would normally allow itself to be associated with.

Bags Of Style

The word ‘bag’ doesn’t exactly evoke images of style and sophistication, general association comes in the form of something made of plastic only suitable for carrying your weekly supply of bread and milk (or alcoholic beverages). However, the fashion army here at MFM believe that a good bag can make a huge statement about ones sense of style and character and selecting the right one is paramount to your style and needs. A bag is generally noted as being an underwhelming item, but if we think about the advancement in fashion then you simply cannot discredit the different variations and breeds of bags that exist within the vast spectrum of male fashion accessories.

man bags


As always the fashion obsessive’s here at Men’s Fashion Magazine, aim to educate and stimulate your style taste buds and get you salivating over the fantastic array of styles and trends that you may or may not have considered before. Fashion is always about trying new things and it is constantly pushing itself to evolve, as Darwinian as that sounds the same can be said for male style. Once limited to a minimal palette of colour and style, the male wardrobe has clearly progressed and become something of a fashion behemoth with men everywhere willing to make bold statements and try new things with their fashion choices. With that being said, read on for our guide to some of the best bags that prove that function and fashion can coexist in the most harmonious of ways.

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The Messenger Bag

The trusty messenger bag is what we believe to be the bag that encouraged men to think outside the box in terms of masculine VS feminine accessories. An over the shoulder bag was considered to be something only women would use but now the majority of men will buy a messenger bag without giving it a second thought. Typically this bag is used by students but more formal versions can be bought for those of you who are business men on the go. Because this style of bag has become an everyday part of the male wardrobe the number of styles that are available is unimaginable. To help you on your way here is a small selection.

canvas messenger bagwoven messenger baghugo messenger bag

skoling satchel bagclassic leather satchelbill hunter satchel


As far as I am concerned this style of bag is perfect for carrying a lot of things. It is ideal as a carry on for when you are travelling, or for example if you are a student on a creative course/degree like myself then this style of bag is perfect for when you need to transport all of your study material from one place to another. Normally just a functional item the trusty holdall is now becoming something of a fashion staple with new trends and styles to choose from. The next six bags are primarily to give you an idea of the options available, but I also think I may have added them to my shopping list. Oops!

leather bowling bagsleather duffel bagbladon travel bag

brooks weekend baghartsfield leather holdalllanvin leather holdalls


This style of bag is in the same family as the trusty holdall, but this version is of a slimmer nature that extends in a vertical direction. The tote is becoming more of a style piece and can be found in the hand of the more fashion conscious gent. This is a big bag but due to its style will never make you feel over encumbered; so it is perfect to carry all your bigger valuables and supplies. If you are a student looking for something to carry your books, notebooks and stationary then this bag could be the perfect option. Some of the bags also have a number of compartments which helps the less organised of us, at least attempt some form of personal organisation. Check out these amazing styles.

saint laurent tote bagcorling tote bagohare leather tote bag

metallic alfords toteleather shopper bagmismo shopper bag


Since backpacks are one of the most recognisable bags in existence, they really don’t need any introduction. However, because we are the generation of social media and technological gadgets and gizmos, it’s worth mentioning that the backpack has evolved into something more functional as well as stylish. You will now find backpacks that have compartments intended for e-book readers, iPads, laptops and other gadgetry. In a world of fashion and function the trusty backpack has become the Swiss army knife of the bag world. Oh and of course the styles have improved as well.

jersey backpackembossed orb canvas backpackmulberry backpack

herschel canvas backpackhunter leather rucksackmismo canvas backpacks


Stereotypically speaking, a clutch bag is normally associated with the female of the species. But as most of you will be aware, this kind of bag has been given a more masculine edge and can be seen being carried by some of the most stylish men in existence. However the ‘clutch’ has been given other names such as ‘document holder’ or even a ‘portfolio bag’, this may just be to detract from the feminine feeling of the word clutch. Some have even been given handles to avoid that obvious clutch like appearance. As I mentioned before fashion and style is constantly evolving and this little bag is making a big statement in how masculine fashion is evolving. Originally the idea of a clutch was something that even I wasn’t going to try any time soon, with that being said due to the evolving of personal style and due to the amazing styles that have been seen; I must say I am tempted. Take a look at these and see if you feel the same.

full grain pouchvalentino leather bagleather collapsable briefcase

gucci canvas pouchvalentino portfolio bagalexis spike holder

Bags of Fun

So there you have a number of different styles that have hopefully given you the eyes to view the trusty bag in a very different light. It is too easy to just grab a bag for the purpose of function but lest we not forget that we are creatures of style with fashionable needs that need to be satisfied. Some of us will have one bag that we use for everything, whilst the majority of us will have a bag for every occasion imaginable. How do you feel about the bags mentioned? But what we really want to know is, are you man enough to rock a clutch? Let us know in the comments below.