Gentleman’s Box was created to bring awareness to today’s gentlemen on what it takes to be distinguished in this day and age.” – John Haji, Gentleman’s Box Co-Founder

Gentleman’s Box is a premier box subscription for men. With unique monthly themes designed around noteworthy men, the contents inside every box are brilliantly crafted and chosen in essence of the featured gentleman’s legacy.

We have been fortunate enough to be sent over their Premium Quarterly Box and their Monthly Subscription box. Tried and tested for you, we will unbox and unpack their contents and decipher whether they are truly worth their price and investment. You can chose whether to have an annual subscription, or a monthly.

The annual subscription box ($371.00) is the perfect way to ensure your gentlemanly essentials arrive each and every month. Plus, the annual subscribers get exclusive access to limited edition products and one month for free.

Subscriptions to Gentleman’s Box include four to five items and that month’s issue of GQ Magazine. You can use MFM25 for $25 Off First Premium Box.


First, we shall unpack their monthly subscription. This box sets you back $33, (around £25), and include four to five items.

The October 2019 Box honors “Our Favorite Shining Star” and includes:

Mr. Lapel- $24Hitsu Socks- $16KA.K Timepieces- $50

Shades Club Sunglasses and Case- $35

Capsiva Pain Relieving Gel

Total retail value: $125

MFM25 for $25 Off First Premium Box.

Premium Subscription Box

Premium gentlemen deserve a premium subscription. This subscription includes high-quality products inspired by luxury brands around the world.Over $300 in value delivered quarterly to your door in a special box, and only $100.00 per box. The premium box is currently only shipping to the United States and Canada.

This quarter, Gentleman’s Box brings you their Commuter Edition. We all commute on a daily basis, to our jobs, our offices, coffee shops, when travelling and more. Wherever it is you are going, this box will make sure you are organised and ready to be on the go.

Modern Made Man – Leather Backpack RRP $169

The Modern Made Man backpack was designed for gentleman who require a versatile bag that meet the demanding needs of their everyday life. Whether you are heading into work, the gym, or a weekend getaway, this will be the only bag you need.

Crafted with premium leather, padded shoulder straps, and heavy duty hardware. The lined interior features padded pocket dividers and dedicated pockets for laptop, phone, and many other daily essentials.

Armoir Fashion – Leather Portfolio RRP $69

Armoir helps you get organised, remain in motion and stay in style with this portfolio, made from exquisite leather.

This leather portfolio is carefully crafted and designed in Canada, using full grain cyclone cowhide leather from the United States. It’s careful design and detail continues to develop as the leather will shape and refine itself with age and use.

Gentleman’s Collective – Umbrella RRP $59

Rainy days no longer have to be so dull and gloomy- especially on your commute. This 3 close fold umbrella will surely cheer you up in any dismal weather, and mix and match with your outfits in a unique and stylish way. Made from water repellent fabric, the canopy keeps you dry and makes it extremely easy to shake off the raindrops. It also could be a sun umbrella due to its anti-UV qualities.

Andar – Leather Corditos RRP $18

Made of soft full grain leather, Andar made these so you can wrap your cords and keep them from becoming tangled nightmare, all the while keeping them looking fresh and clean. We’re obsessed with these little leather things and love how they keep your earbuds, charger cords and other small wires organised.

We are loving the content of both boxes here at MFM. The monthly box included a burst of new items for our wardrobes such a snazzy socks, a watch, and the awesome and classy pair of sunglasses.

The premium box offers everything the modern gentleman needs. It truly stands by its name of the Gentleman’s Box, with each item serving as a staple piece in our morning commute. We strongly recommend the value and high contents of these boxes as they truly blow any other subscription out the park.

MFM25 for $25 Off First Premium Box.

For more information and products, check out : www.gentlemansbox.com/