Transitions Optical Announces New Partnership With Matsuda Eyewear

Transitions Optical have announced their new partnership with Matsuda Eyewear. This exciting union combines Transitions Optical specialism in light management with Matsuda Eyewear’s sharp eye for detail and design.

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Transitions Optical is now the market leader in the advancement of photochromic lens technology, with over 100 worldwide researchers focused on the innovation of new technology. The brand goes beyond traditional vision correction by offering superior technology that surpasses clear prescription lenses and outperforms traditional sunwear. The lenses are able to tint to adapt to the changing light conditions wherever you are. They darken on exposure to specific types of light such as UV radiation, and once the light source is removed, the lenses are able to return to their original state. The company strive to create the best possible experience for spectacle wearers.

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Japanese brand Matsuda Eyewear was founded in 1989 by Mitsuhiro Matsuda, one of the most celebrated Japanese fashion houses. The brand, which formed ‘Tokyo Designer Six’, Tokyo’s first official fashion week, were also one of the first brands to effectively combine architecture and fashion. During the early 90s, Mitsuhiro Matsuda received wide spread success and acclaim due to its innovative designs and unique eyewear collection.

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The Transitions Optical X Matsuda collection is certainly well designed. The range draws inspiration from the classic Matsuda range seen in the 90s, and has been produced with a passion for intricate hand-engraved detailing and architectural eyewear design. The retro design boasts individuality and style, and the creations are able to look to both the past and the future. All of the eyewear collection has been crafted by hand in Japan, using the finest materials including titanium, sterling silver, 18K solid gold, and 22.5K gold plating.

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Transitions Optical’s partnership with Matsuda Eyewear combines intricate hand-engraved frames, contemporary and distinctive design with superior light adaptive lens technology. There is finally a range of glasses that is as stylish as it is functional.