Transitions And ic! Berlin Collaborate

For you dapper gents out there who sport a pair of specs, a new collaboration has produced something special that you simply need to see (We’re here to make sure you see it clearly rather than blurred). Two giants of the visual world have combined to bring us a state of the art piece of technology that’s sure to grab your attention.

Transitions, who are the leader in light adapting lenses have teamed up with ic! Berlin, who construct hand crafted glasses with detachable clips. This partnership is taking modern design to the next level.

It can be quite difficult to find a stylish yet sophisticated pair of spectacles that also suit your face shape and features. However with this joint venture, you’ll find a variety of trendy styles and different shapes to choose from. So although the revolutionary cutting edge design is pretty awesome, it’s not all that they offer.

Transitions Signature lenses and Linearity Havanna by IC Berlin LR

Ic! Berlin have created unique glasses which exclude any screws, brazing or welding, which makes them almost unbreakable. They are highly flexible, and the construction also means they’re very durable.

Combine this with the photochromic lens technology of Transitions, and you have a match made in design heaven. These convenient lens offer unrestricted versatility no matter where you’re situated. The adaptive tint adjusts to whatever the light of your location, so if always on the move, in and out of the office, house or car, these lenses will accommodate for optimal vision.

Picture 9
So if you’re looking to get ahead of the rest while remaining ever so fashionable, Transitions and ic! Berlin has you and your eyes covered (elegantly) with this collaboration.