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Transitional Style From Autumn To Spring

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In between seasons it can sometimes be a difficult task to achieve the ultimate balance of style, transition and warmth.  With the sunshine struggling to make a permanent appearance just yet; hitting early April will welcome an array of unexpected weather conditions. It’s the season to be prepared for the best and worst climates.

Here at MFM, we know how important it is to dress comfortably and be ready for anything that the wind throws at you. In this piece we highlight some key autumn pieces that can be phased into your spring wardrobe.

The Lightweight Jacket

autumn 1

Officially welcoming April, Spring is finally here! Notoriously known for its downpours, it’s the month to start adapting to warmer temperatures. But don’t fret, just because we’re in Spring doesn’t mean you need to rush out and buy a whole new wardrobe. Hang onto your waterproof jacket.

autumn 2

On trend this season, cover-ups and macs are the new answer to practical versatility. Carried over from your Autumn closet; the waterproof is a special staple that can tie together your whole daily look in just one simple step.

If you don’t already own one, all sorts of variations can be shopped suited to the trend conscious, understated and average guy about town. There is a fit and style option out there for everyone. It’s the kind of garment that will expand your style choices, compliment your existing clothes and refresh your daily look.

Layer Up With These Waterproofs;

waterproof hoodysnake printed jacketgrey moss jacket

stanhope coatgolf meron jacketmatthew jacket

incotex rain coatclaude classic jacketrains blue jacket

Statement Shirt

autumn 3

Prints are big this Spring, appearing on everything from tracksuits and bomber jackets to pattern tees. Take a unique approach to your personal styling this season, dig out your dark patterns from Autumn because these can be worn as a statement piece with light basics. Don’t be afraid to wear outlandish prints, teamed with classic tailoring and good quality basics you can’t really go wrong.

Keep things contemporary, mixing and matching your last season’s favourites with new spring investment purchases. This will provide you with a wide range of options that will make you stand out for the right reasons.

autumn 4

Carrying over monochrome or darker shades from your autumn collection can also be a great money saving tip. You can gradually integrate colour as the months get warmer- that’s if you’re not feeling so adventurous right now.

If your essentially looking to replace your oxford shirt with something a little more interesting, look to the pattern shirt. This will bring your out of your comfort zone and allow to you embrace one of the most sought after trends this season.

With Lots Of Variations In Long And Short Sleeves, Try These Styles…

mens ami shirttourist black shirtdown button shirt

ladybird shirtfloral printed shirtsdansk print

midnight shirtwhite heart shirtvito floral shirt

Wrap It Up

autumn 5

With the cold still lingering, you find yourself layering up on your way out and stripping off accessories indoors throughout the day. Layering is the way to go! An eclectic mix of fabrics, prints and textures is bang on trend for this season; this can be created with the addition of a patterned scarf. It’s a fun approach to keeping warm whilst also creating a unique day-to-day look.

Scarves are a fantastic investment piece, if you wish to update your current wardrobe. Particularly high quality wool, cashmere and silk mix are great for Spring. This accessory can instantly transform your lighter layers and inject some much-needed personality into your look.

autumn 6

Aztec, floral and checks are a fantastic example of prints that will tie your look together. Highly practical, you can where it how you want and when you want. Take a note that thin linens and fine silks can be folded small into your bag whereas heavier knits aren’t so space saving in warmer weather.

Bright colours can work in your favour and its an interesting statement to colour block your coat or shoes. Choose a lighter shade if you’re feeling a bit drab this selection will help you to achieve a fresh Spring look.

Wrap It Up By Choosing Your Accessory Wisely…

green ribbed scarfdip dye scarfdot pattern scarfs

yacht scarfetro silk scarfsloro piana scarf

evening scarfwalter blend scarfcotton striped scarfs

bratton scarfslight blue scarfsark scarfs


Spring styling is all about exploring new trends, you can comfortably try before you buy and figure out what suits you best. Investing in key pieces is great but carrying over your Autumnal favourites is a great way to kick start your spring style.

With so many options still on trend this season, why not give them a new lease of life out of the closet. You can gradually adapt to the current climate by shopping pieces along the next few months. Only purchase items based on their practical and versatile nature; this will help you be consistent and make things easier for you first thing in the morning. Have fun working your transitional style this season.

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