How to pull of the right glasses.

If your eyesight is in need of an overhaul, like having to go down the route of new glasses, then there are a few tips to follow before you rush in to your nearest opticians and grab the first pair off the shelf. One thing to start with is, if you’re buying for the first time, think about going for frames that are reasonably slim framed, it’s all about establishing a yes, you wear glasses now, you can move on to whatever frames you like, truth be told, even the smartest frames don’t really look great on every face.

People use glasses, not only to see better, but to express themselves, whether prescription or even sunglasses, and you can certainly transform yourself with a decent pair and don’t try too hard to make a pair work. Glasses that will make you look smarter, and certainly not nerdier are tortoiseshell frames, they will make you look mature, elegant and maybe even downright scholastic! Guys with blonde or brown hair always look good in tortoiseshell and especially if you’re not really into the intense jet-black Justin Theroux thing.

If you’re thinking about getting thick black frames, you will get noticed, so be prepared, and although we’re fans of oversized glasses on some guys, there is right and wrong way to wear them. Don’t go for thick frames that are twice the size of your face, but if you have a clean and classic look it might just make you a four-eyed icon. So if you prefer a pair of thick, trapezoidal black acetate glasses that playfully anchor your features and enhance even the simplest of outfits. And that’s a great call.

So getting a pair of glasses that will be the perfect accessory takes time and experimentation, and that means delightful mishaps along the way. As always, fit is everything, your glasses should be about the same width as your face—no wider, no narrower. And the top of your frames should hit your eyebrows, if your favourite pair of glasses aren’t  fitting at the noise bridge, go to your opticians and get them sorted. Shell out for good glasses, they may be pricey, buy they may be more comfortable and worth it.

And don’t try too hard to make a pair work. It’s true to say, that you may try a few pairs of glasses on, and  some style  will either look good on your face or they won’t. If they don’t, it’s makes an impression, just not a good one.