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The Single Man’s Guide: Dressing to Impress the Bridesmaids at a Wedding

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Being single at a wedding can be awkward. All those sickly sweet couples paired off and looking at each other doe eyed. You could find yourself sat around a table with everyone else next to their partners. Of course, that would take some incredibly cruel planning and the chances are that there will have been some real thought that has gone into the table arrangements and maybe even some subtle matchmaking. Play your cards right and you could even find yourself part of the latter and whether it’s a bridesmaid or another lovely guest, you want to be looking your best when it comes to the crunch.

Of course, you may well be thinking that you’re already planning to wear your best suit, favourite special shirt and smartest pair of shoes, but be honest with yourself and answer this question. When was the last time you gave this part of your wardrobe a thorough overhaul? Thought so. Now it would be incredibly bad form to out-dress the groom, but we’re going to make no distinction between being a best man or a run of the mill guest because nobody would judge you for outshining the best man!

Any colour as long as it’s black

Typically the groom will wear a light coloured suit and so why not go a radically different direction and take your cues from the likes of Johnny Cash or Nick Cave and go with a black suit, shirt and tie? Assuming that you are clever enough to add a little bright flair with a white pin flower to keep things from seeming funereal, there is little cooler and more likely to dazzle than an all-black suit. You may think that black is so prevalent and overused, but very few will go the whole hog with the black shirt and tie.

Other colour options

If the all-black attire is too much for you, or you think it might not suit you, then you have a plethora of other options. You could go down the linen option if the weather is set fair or it’s an indoor venue and in this case you are looking for light greys, light blues and khakis, with easy style the aim.

Brace yourself

Underneath the jacket, no matter what colour shirt you do opt for, some braces can really make you stand out if there is cause to remove your jacket. Remember when using braces (or suspenders as the Americans call them) then you need to ensure they go from a straight line from your shoulders to your waist. Never wear a belt with braces as they fulfil the same purpose and keep them classy and simple – no dramatic colours please!

The perfect fit

Remember those awful baggy, American style fits that were all the rage in the mid ‘90s? Well, they’ve been fittingly consigned to fashion crime history now, so don’t even go there. Instead, well-fitted, contoured suits are in and if you have the body for it a slim fitting suit with waistcoat can look incredible.

Show a little of your personality

Don’t be afraid to add some personal touches that reflect the style, culture and vibe that you live by. If you live for reggae, then some Jamaican flag cufflinks could prove a great ice-breaker in conversation and as previously mentioned you may even find some inspiration in your favourite musicians and their styles. I once went to a wedding where someone had been to Tom Waits’ suit maker for a suit for the wedding and it looked incredible, while also proving a superb conversation piece! Let’s face it, you want to attract someone with whom you share things in common.

Feet first to finish

Don’t forget the importance of a quality pair of shoes. Many people still live by the adage that you can tell a lot about a person by looking at their feet, so make sure they are in keeping with your attire and given a good shine!

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