The Runway Look: Men’s Street Style Fashion Trends

The turn of the year is an exciting event in the fashion business. Every time the year changes, the trends in fashion style also change. We see different styles and innovations in women’s fashion and also in men’s fashion. Although it is more common to see women’s dresses, accessories and apparels in department stores and boutiques, men’s fashion items are being promoted just as energetically as women’s fashion. Regardless of which side the fashion style you currently belong, comfort, practicality and reliability are factors that make a great fashion trend, like custom wristbands

Streetwear for men is a hot item when it comes to men’s fashion. For businesses that cater to men’s wear, it is important to be abreast with the trends and also to be attuned to the fashion needs of men. Contrary to popular belief that men rarely buy things they wear from online shops, men actually are active buyers for men’s items online, especially clothing; they also have unique preferences for designers, and believe it or not, many of them are hard-to-find Japanese artisanal designers. The Canoe Club, a new leader in menswear retailers tucked unassumingly up against the edge of the rocky mountains in Boulder, Colorado USA, can attest to that and understands that menswear culture is more than just fashion – it’s a way of life. For this year, things are heating up as we look for men’s street style fashion trends.


Jackets have been the favorite and go-to wear for men. Jackets have the timeless appeal due to their durability and utility. An outer wear being intended for long-term use doesn’t mean it isn’t runway material. In fact, this is one avenue that fashion designers are looking into because of the widespread and nearly universal use of jackets among men. This year’s prediction is the reemergence of a classic favorite – the leather jacket. The 80s fashion statement for men are seen as going to make a comeback in the runway scene. Now that’s being timeless and trendy and the same time! Another predicted trend in the outer wear category are puff jackets or puffers. We still see many guys sliding into these jackets, and the probable innovation we may see here is about the size. It may be less bulky or puffy than the original design and can be used complimentary wear – unzipped –  to show your outfit beneath it. Retaining the elements of timelessness and style are denim and checkered jackets. These are the runway regulars for jackets.


We broadened the category to include non-shoe items that will be also making their way to the runway: sandals, flip-flops and slides. Sneakers, loafers, boots, and running shoes are just a few of the basic men’s footwear that plough the streets every day. This year is a good year for comebacks, especially for leather with the Cow Boy Hardware brand. Leather shoes are hitting the trend once more as the new  generation of men feel the nostalgia of slick and elegant design with comfort to boot. Sandals and slides are projected to make runway entrance especially for the summer. Who says showing more skin isn’t cool for men? Showing more skin gives you comfort especially the feet, being constantly wrapped up. This summer, give those feet the sun-kissed look while getting a tan.


Shirts are indispensable elements of men’s wardrobeand fashion style. Shirts are essential for transforming an ordinary guy to a head turner to ladies. Shirts can accentuate attractive body parts and also conceal flaws. Also, the important thing to bear in mind when it comes to selecting shirts is the comfort of wearing one.  The year 2019 is the year for innovations when it comes menswear style trends. Striped, denim and pastel-colored shirts continue their style trend until this year. Shirts with zippers, mismatched prints and multiple pockets are groomed to make their way into the men’s fashion style runway.


A good pair of jeans is a must-have for men. The comfort, style and durability jeans provide for mean are what makes it an essential wear. Denim jeans, khakis and corduroys have long been the dominant type of pants before innovative creations were made. The skinny type fit stayed for a long while in the style trend for jeans, but this year is showing promise for innovations in pants. Printed pants, plaid pants and cropped trousers are making promising entrance into the menswear style trend scene.


Now this is something interesting to watch out for. Bags are not just a woman’s thing when it comes to fashion style. It can be a man’s too. Guys are natural minimalists when it comes to accessories. They only need a bag with ample space to stuff personal care and utility items like a deodorant, a cologne, a pair of sunglasses and other basic stuff into that bag. Fanny packs and cross-body bags are the most common types of bags men wear, not to mention backpacks and sling bags. Cross-body bags and sling bags are showing promise in the men’s streetwear style trend this year. Again, leather is making a comeback, and we may see possible leather cross-body bags and sling bags strutted down the runway.

There are plenty of other menswear stuff to look out for, like headwear, eyewear and men’s accessories. When it comes to menswear, it doesn’t necessarily mean you go for the trendy things to wear. Find the comfortable and durable products that fit correctly and allow freedom of movement. It’s not about how you look good to others, but more like knowing how you look good for yourself by dressing up comfortably. Who knows? The comfortable getup that you wear might be a fashion trend after all.