Men’s grooming is no longer just the preserve of sleek celebrities and Love Island lads as Superdrug’s recent Men’s Grooming Survey revealed. Over half of men (54%) admitting to having a beauty or grooming treatment in a salon. The chain beauty store Superdrug launches beard threading amongst its winter releases.

Today’s metrosexual is prepared to invest in their appearance in terms of time and money and today they are also testing their pain threshold by waxing their body hair, and more recently eschewing the razor to having their beard line threaded to ensure a sharp line.

Unlike shaving which needs to be done at least once a day, threading (whisking the hair from the root by an expert therapist) will leave skin hair free for anywhere between one and four weeks.

Previously only available at specialist salons from Superdrug will offer the service in over 300 from just £10.

Jerry Walkling, Superdrug Retail Director comments: “This new service shows that today’s man is ready to take the pain in order to get that sharp look.

“We’ve been welcoming men to our Brow & Lash Bars for years for them to get sharp, groomed brows, and this was the natural next step. We’ve trained our therapists specifically on beard threading.

“We believe this is the next step in the evolution of the beard.  Five years ago men were just excited to be able to grow their facial hair and used a long, out of control beard as a badge of their masculinity. Today it’s about having a beard that makes you look groomed and younger”