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The Modern Male’s Travel Essentials Guide

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Life on the road for the modern man is no joke. Busy lifestyles and demanding jobs have only increased and whilst we live in a digital, wireless age, lots of careers still have a calling for time away from home and hours spent on the motorway.

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We may dream of travelling across the globe as children and seeing what the world has to offer but for many of us this has been swapped out with service stations and hotel rooms as we save for that next big holiday.

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With this in mind we decided to create a Grooming travel essentials guide that isn’t for the festival goer but for the hard working gent doing his bit for the economy. Whether in the board room or the hotel room we feel it’s important to not only look your best but to feel it too.

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Below are five essential items you need to get started on your journey. For good measure we’ve thrown in an extra one just for you.

Dove Men+ Care Antiperspirant

Starting slowly, antiperspirant is a product we are all familiar with (hopefully). The Titanium Dioxide contained means longer lasting protection and its moisturising properties reduces irritation from sweat. The compressed can contains the same amount of spray as traditional deodorants without taking up all of the space.

dove men

Loccitane Verbena Shower Gel

Loccitane may be new for some men but it will definitely be a familiar name with your other halves and for good reason. This luxurious shower gel contains the essential oils of verbena, orange, geranium and lemon and is sure to smooth out the roughest of skin. Best of all, it can be picked up for just £5.

shower gel

Kérastase Homme Capital Force Daily Shampoo

There is often a link between stress and hair loss and whilst we can’t say if it’s true or not, if you work in a stressful role then thinking about your scalp should be somewhere on your list. Ideal for thinning hair, the daily shampoo transforms the appearance and density of hair within just 2 weeks.

capital force

No 7 Energising Moisturiser

If your skin is beginning to look a little dull and tired then you might just need a dose of Vitamin C. This vitamin boosted men’s moisturiser will give your skin a wake up call in the morning and leave you looking younger and fresher for longer.

men energising

ASOS Leather Wash Bag

What travel essentials guide would be complete without a new wash bag? This leather number from ASOS looks just the part and adds a touch of class to your grooming kit. With a large inner zip and an outside pocket there is plenty of room for everything listed here.

wash bag

Barr-Co. Travel Candle.

And last but not least. Candles are not just for the woman in your life and this Barr-Co. travel candle will make even the coldest hotel room feel just like home. Full of sweet familiar fragrances including milk, oatmeal and vanilla this Barr-Co. soy wax candle is perfect for a bit of ‘me’ time at the end of a busy day.

travel candle

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