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Thursday 24th April 2014,
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The winter season is in full swing, and layering as always is a key focus. Trends again are playing a huge part in this winter season, with the heritage and military trend again leading the way. One of the main features of the ever so popular heritage trend is to combine a variety of fabrics when layering, and this is something we’re going to be touching on in todays article.

The Importance Of Textures

So why should us gents be looking to combine textures? It’s simple. Because it adds a whole new dimension to your style, and it offers a combination of elements. A look which combines similar textures is one dimensional, where as a look which cleverly combines a variety of fabrics will show that you’ve used clever layering techniques and created a look build around texture.

Implementing this technique is simple. You need to focus on layering, but think about the fabrics you’re layering. Are you simply just layering a cotton garment on top of another cotton garment? Or are you implementing a variety of fabrics such as tweeds, wools, leathers, denim, and velvets to create a variety of textures. You don’t need to “over layer” either to achieve this style, you can simply use a variety of accessories to add individuality. Accessories for men have improved drastically over the last few seasons, and there’s now a wider variety for us gents to cash in on. In today’s market, you could easily implement knitted ties, wool scarves, tweed pocket squares, wool socks and even velvet bow ties into your look to create this effect. Here’s some looks which use a combination of textures to take inspiration from:

Mens Textures

Key Fabrics

Now there’s a lot of clothing made available to us gents, but what fabrics should we be looking to combine this season to create a textured look?

Tweed – The must have fabric of this season, tweed offers a a countryside approach. It’s a rough, unfinished woollen fabric and it was traditionally used for upper class country-clothing. The tweed blazer is probably the most popular piece of clothing made from tweed right now, but you can also look to invest in tweed accessories to add a subtle touch of this amazing fabric.

Tweed WaistcoatTweed OvercoatTweed TrousersTweed Flat Cap

Wool – Anything that has been knitted tends to be made from wool, and yet again we’re seeing a huge influx in popularity of knitted jumpers and accessories. Wool is great for layering, and of course it comes with added warmth.

Wool CardiganWool Blazer

Velvet – A fabric which was highlighted heavily last year, and again it’s popularity has carried through to this season. Velvet almost offers an “upper class” approach, and is tend to be used for party jackets and higher quality garments.

Velvet BlazerVelvet Tie

Leather – Of course, leather is a timeless fabric which always seems to hold it’s trend. Think about layering the timeless leather jacket into a look, and you can even get clothing with leather detailing which add a great effect.

Leather ShirtLeather Jacket

So there we have it. The next time you’re layering up for a cold day, think about the fabrics you’re layering. Are you creating a look which includes a variety of textures and offers various elements or is your look one dimensional?

What’s you’re favourite fabric in the winter? Let us know in the comments below.

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