The Importance Of Keeping It Simple

Us men might not like to admit it, but sometimes, the art of dressing can be a minefield of doubt and worry. We may act all cool and nonchalant when it comes to strutting out the front door but as the way us gents dress is analysed and deconstructed by both our friends and the opposite sex (let alone magazines and blogs), the more conscious we become about not only what we wear but how we wear it.

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The market of men’s fashion, style and trends has never been so heavily scrutinised and we are led by the ever changing world of trends more than ever; it does not matter if you are a 17 year old whipper snapper or a man of 50 or 60, the world of fashion has laid siege on us men more than it has ever done.

The dawn of events such as London Collections: Men, a plethora of blogs dedicated to sharp style and image led social media sites such as Tumblr, Instagram and Pinterest have caused a steady ripple in menswear which has made us all far more aware of the ways in which we look at our sartorial aesthetic.

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We are often bombarded with new trends, new colours, new shapes and cuts; we are told what is ‘hot and what is not’ for the forthcoming season, we are told what type of trousers or jeans we should be wearing and frankly, it can not only become somewhat overwhelming but also rather tedious and tiresome.

Sometimes the answer is in taking a step back from the mayhem and assessing your own wardrobe rather than following the crowd. It’s always good to try new ideas but the old adage less is more can often be wise words to follow.

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The way we dress in the early part of the 21st Century has changed beyond recognition for us men and we now often find ourselves mulling over the clothes we wear. Due to this ever increasing examination of our dress sense we can often become mired in myriad of ideas and ways in which we should dress rather than how we want to dress so here’s a few ways in which we can remove ourselves from the fashion melee and find our own way in this crazy world of clothes we find ourselves immersed within.

Go Monochrome 

When it comes to colour we are generally led by the seasons i.e spring/summer will see yellows, oranges and the brighter shades of red and blue shoved down our throats by the marketing while autumn/winter will be awash with dark greens, mustard yellows and browns. While this is all well and good and adds to a burgeoning array of wardrobe ideas it can often leave us not knowing which way to turn.

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This is something which cannot be said for black and white, two ‘colours’ that are not led by trends nor seasons but dictate their own fashion story. Black and white are classic and classy, they go with everything – and we mean everything – they are the foundations of your wardrobe upon which everything else should be built. From suits to t-shirts, shorts to shoes, black and white will never let you down.  Here’s some of the key pieces you should own in black and white.

suit island jacketjames neck teescotterstock brogues

stan leather sneakersjohn jeans l32lemaire popline shirt

Layer Down

Us men are renowned for getting it wrong in the fashion stakes, we often feel a need to add as many layers as possible to one outfit when really keeping it simple is the way forward. We don’t always need that cardigan or suit jacket, sometimes a good shirt and pair of trousers paired with a trustworthy pair of brogues shall suffice.

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Keeping an outfit minimal can often result in a more cultured approach to the way we dress, remember, trends will come and go, class is permanent. Here are the two outfits which will make your life easier.

river checked shirtbrown satin chinosfoot the boots

machine shirtspetit jeansdesert brown boots

Back To Basics

Wardrobe essentials may sound like a buzz-phrase that does the rounds every year but there are without a doubt certain pieces that us men simply cannot live without. Much in the same way black and white are the colour foundations, essential clothing items are the basis for building the rest of our outfits.

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Be it a good pair of jeans, marl-grey sweater or leather wallet, that you can check out from this list of Best every day carry wallets for men. These items ensure that no matter our mood we can go about our day knowing we are suitably attired., these items ensure that no matter our mood we can go about our day knowing we are suitably attired. And if this wasn’t reason enough to guarantee we look good, these fundamental clothes also help to build outfits around trend pieces. Here are six essentials for your wardrobe year in year out.

richard cotton blazersjersey sunspel teeporter orlebar

tapered levisoxford churcusbillford porter wallet

One Last Thing

The phrase minimal may immediately conjure connotations of the art world but in these modern times the way in which we dress plays as important role in the social merry-go-round as any piece of art or contemporary artist. The minimalistic approach gives us the opportunity to forget about trend led fads and develop a sense of style that is more akin to our own wants and needs rather than those of the fashion behemoths both on the high-street and high end. Trends are important in adding some swagger to our sartorial approach but the so called minimal essentials are the equilibrium ensuring our daily attire meets the levels we as men place upon ourselves in the world of fashion and style today.