The Floral Print Trend 2014

Decade by decade, day by day, the world of fashion is changing. Look to the fifties, side partings and blazers. To the seventies, we see flares. And the twenty-first century, what? What is it that defines our century as having brought something substantial to the world of fashion? How have we changed it? Well, now we have skinny jeans and woollen jumpers and indie looks and street style.

We have made a whole array of changes and at MFM we’re both intrigued and infatuated with this change. But one thing has come into the fashion world with such a bang that it was natural to cause some conversation, some debate. This was the floral trend and as we look at it we have to ask – what will become of the floral trend in the coming year of 2014?

floral 001

When the floral print was introduced there was a debate as to whether this was appropriate for men to wear. Was it, they asked, too feminine? I argue no. But my argument doesn’t matter – time has told us no. Today, we walk down the street and we see men wearing floral printed shirts, socks, bags, even watches. The floral trend – for want of a better word – blossomed. Why? Because it was something vibrant, something loud but also something stylish.

floral 002

Years ago, when people thought of the floral trend they would think of the kinds of shirts worn at a Hawaiian beach, a kind of tacky holiday ritual. The floral print, however, has become stylish because it has become subtle; it’s the kind of trend you can incorporate into your everyday wardrobe, so much so that you could wear it in a smart manner.

floral 003

Floral prints are now used for ties and bow-ties and are a hugely significant factor when making your normal, mundane suit look that bit more sophisticated. I use the word sophisticated in the sense that it makes your look stylish. A floral tie says something about you. It’s not too loud, it’s a casual statement, a signature.

floral 004

Then you come to the floral print being used when it comes to accessories – bags and belts, hats and scarves. The thing about the floral trend is that in the past couple of years it has been toned down significantly but this isn’t a bad thing. It allows us to use it whenever we want and for many different kinds of situations. What, therefore, will 2014 bring for the floral trend? Well, we can only predict and our predictions are that it will stay subtle but become more commonly used. Below are three looks that show how varied the floral print is and how it can be used in both smart and casual situations:

Look One:

What this look tells us is that you can take the floral trend into the new year in a very minor way but have it still makes a huge difference. Here, the two floral additions are a tie and a pair of socks. It’s almost as if you can’t see them so what’s the point in wearing them? you say. I say it’s because it does what we at MFM always talk about: it shows that you care about the little details. Wearing a floral printed pair of socks covers every avenue. A sock is just as important as a jumper – one may be more visual than the other – but everything counts, no?

multi floral tiegold black watchhugo boss coat

light grey shirtrose print socksclassic derby shoes

Look Two:

This look has two basic colours – black and blue – with a hint of red. The red, however, comes through with the floral additions to the outfit. The short-sleeved floral shirt is a classic look – it’s something that has been going around for years but continues to come back at us strong. The shirt is the main crux of the outfit, it says everything and is complemented by the much quieter belts and shoes surrounding it. A classic look? Yes. A look to stay? Yes.

vintage floral teecharcoal washred converse

ivy jacket150 series wristwatchsuede belt

Look Three:

This outfit is all about exposing the floral trend in a darker way – darker, of course, meaning in colour. From the floral patterned back-pack to the scarf with much darker colours, the outfit shows that the floral trend can make a rather tedious look become much more interesting. Here, the floral print is used to make the outfit say something more than a collection of colours and zero pattern. Having patterns is not crucial in making your outfit look significant but when you have one crucial piece – a statement of clothing almost – then here the floral print really works.

floral pocket backpackflower printed scarfcotton blend shirt

cavendish in espressoslim fit chinosgrenson silas boots

Floral Selection

If you the floral trend is something you feel you may be bold enough to try, then check out the selection of floral pieces we have selected below.

single breasted jacketfloral printed teerhys printed tee

ted baker teejacquard fit shirtpeacock floal jacquard

printed sweatshirtfloral polo shirtgrey floral blazer

short cotton shirtvelvet blazerprinted cotton blazer


With each new year there comes a relative amount of change. Fashion will always be changing and we need to change with it. The floral print is going to, we believe, stay just as toned down but be a crucial part in any outfit. But what do you think? Where do you think the floral trend is going in 2014? Go ahead, tell us.