The Fernando Black Leather Trucker Jacket

Want to look at an alternative approach to your everyday leather jacket. So whether you love that rocker look, or are feeling the need for the bigger aviator style or want to bring out your inner biker bad boy, every so often you will come across a jacket that will definitely take things up a notch in refinement. And that guys is the leather trucker jacket.

The trucker, started off it’s roots as the HGV men and mechanics jacket of choice albeit it was predominately made from hard-wearing fabrics, like denim, that could take the rough work life on the road or at work. However, being spoiled for choice with the huge range of Angel Jackets can end in a decision-making stalemate, and given that buying a decent leather jacket will always present a significant investment. Luckily help is at hand with Angel Jackets, who show us how to wear leather, the right way. 

This Fernando black leather trucker jacket is designed to be typically a little less rugged and a little more elegant, a perfect way to be easily dressed up as well as down.

How to wear the jacket:

What to wear today: A leather jacket that makes you feel like the manliest man amongst men.

If you have any new rules of office style then this is how you get dressed for any kind of workplace. Or when you need to smarten up on that night out, this trucker jacket is close-cut and elegant, so, it’s enough to work with micro-checked or tailored trousers and a silk shirt to add an edge to your look without being too flashy. Want to wear it out for that afternoon day with your date or your mates, then going monochromatic will make it all work well,  giving you an equally cool and strong look with black jeans, a touch of nice jewellery and hard hitting boots.

The chances are you’ll never want to take this jacket off, so pick your jeans based on the tone of your jacket: a well fitted pair of denims, and if you want to really  want to go smart-casual, go for leather sneakers as they’ll offer you the best of both, casual and dressy. and you’re good to go.

You can invest wisely with this trucker jacket. You want soft leather, a slimmer fit and nothing too heavy and this trucker jacket is made of 100% real lamb leather construction, and lined with a soft viscose lining. We’re liking those important pockets, we all need somewhere to put our keys, phone, wallet etc: and this jacket boasts two flap front pockets, two slant side pockets and inside pockets. Perfect. On the outside it comes with a smart double stitched seam finishing, and shirt collar and easy fastening buttons. 

Tough guy. Nothing quite says badass like a trucker leather jacket.

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