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The Effect Of A Smartphone

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The smartphone, in other words soul-destroyer

We all know what a smartphone consists of, touchscreen capability, internet access, the endless abundance of apps… all in the name of being in touch with the times – that and keeping people connected. The latter at least is something that I struggle buying into; it takes just a passing glance as I walk down the street, at the general public looking downward – not in despair but at their smartphones.

Naturally it’s not everyone doing this, but every other grown up and even kids as well, all of which couldn’t care less about the present moment instead spend their time tapping away on a touchscreen. In the company of friends, friends just don’t seem to be enough for our smartphone generation…shunned for a godforsaken screen!

But what is it that is so important to prize people’s attention away from being in the moment? Take your pick: Facebook – another utility that is supposed to be keeping us in touch with one another…at the expense of the real world. Candy Crush – an app, apparently it is something of an addictive game…charming. Angry Birds – another app, apparently yet another addictive game in the style of Worms… Worms is a good game to be fair. Then there is WhatsApp, a chatting program getting rid of peoples need to use txt msg – since WhatsApp can be used as a free means of chat. Of course, the Mens Fashion Magazine app too which we’ll let you off with if you’re addicted.

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I think the more we feel the need to ‘connect’ tapping up one another on our smartphones, the less we have to offer of ourselves where it matters most, in the momentous time being NOW. And I think we are far too dependent on technology just in general terms, so much that addiction and need reign supreme. I mean, what does a preference of staring into a screen than the face of a friend spell? It spells obvious concern and danger, not to mention help.

This is the digital age. If the kindle has come between me and turning the pages of a good old-fashioned book, then what on Earth will the smartphone interfere with? The making of newfound friends perhaps, or worse… an altogether techno-deathly silencing of our cities?! Voice-speaking being a thing of the past as everything might well be done using smartphone technology… at the aesthetically pleasing reach and touch of a screen.

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