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The British Bag With Balls From Charlie Noble

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As we get progressively closer and closer to that time of year which has to be one of the most stressful shopping times of the year, we start thinking about ideas of what to buy for people in regards to Christmas presents. It may seem a little early but without any prior thinking about this, we will (let’s face it) all be screwed! So when our attention is brought to something we think would be an ideal gift for someone (or even for yourself, we don’t judge here), we feel it is important to share it with the MFM readers. Charlie Noble,launched in october of this year is a brand that has an ethos of creating some of the finest quality pieces ever to grace the male wardrobe, so you can imagine how much our interest peaked when we heard about the bag with balls. A clever play on words but this must be taken in the literal sense, because this bag literally does have balls, and a bat (not the Halloween kind) too.

charlie noble tag

The Charlie Noble is a luxurious, stylish and robust British made bag crafted from Bridge of Weir leather containing traditional handmade bats, balls and boules. Perfect for some fun and games in the park, garden or beach, this classic yet modern design bag is an ideal match for a man who likes to look good whilst enjoying his boules. Another wonderful thing about this bag is it brings together and embraces established British manufacturing and craftsmanship with an innovative twist, the Charlie Noble has a unique magnet design of no fiddly buckles or zips and each bag is lovingly stitched in East London. Providing an element of exclusivity, every bag is embossed inside with a leather tag which reveals the number that the Charlie Noble came off the production line.

Charlie Noble Blue Piping saddle brown 940

The traditional bat and ball takes on an opulent look and feel in the Charlie Noble as the sustainably grown American Walnut and Canadian Maple wood sets sail from the other side of the pond. Each bat is carefully shaped, bonded, sanded and varnished by hand in the UK, giving a long-lasting, smooth and beautiful contrasting colour finish. Staying true to traditional craftsmanship, the balls are made by the last remaining British squash ball maker.

bats balls940

From one conventional game to the next, boules has become increasingly treasured by Britons. The carbon steel and chrome plated boules in the Charlie Noble are shipped from France and laser engraved in the UK. The accompanying drawstring bags are hand cut, sewn in Cheltenham and are resilient in design. Each one is created with water resistant cotton drill and tied up with paracord, which was originally produced for parachute chords during World War II.


Named after a mid 19th Century British eccentric sea captain, the Charlie Noble reflects the captain’s attention to detail, British craftsmanship and charming character. The interior of the bag is made from Harbour Odyssey marine fabric which is used to protect yachts when they are moored up, making it high strength, durable and waterproof. Come rain or shine, sea or sand, the Charlie Noble will live on.

The Charlie Noble is the perfect luxury gift for him this Christmas and is available now for £300 at x leather bag available in tan or grey. 

Games can be purchased separately:

2 x bats, 3 x balls set, £115 / Boules set of three, £45. Includes drawstring bags.

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  • James

    I recently bought a Charlie Noble and the quality is stunning. Unfortunately for me I can’t always be near the beach so I use it as a gym bag during the week.

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