The Bold and Timeless Appeal of Cuban Link Chains

Cuban link chains are one of the trendiest and everlasting pieces of jewelry. These bold and timeless pieces have been around for a long time and have impacted the fashion world.

If you are inclined towards purchasing a Cuban link chain but want to know more about how you can use a Cuban link chain for styling purposes, along with its origin and some other details, then you have landed in the right place.

Below we have concluded all the relevant information you might need about the bold and timeless appeal of Cuban link chains and why buying it might be an excellent idea for you. Hop on below.

What is a Cuban Link Chain?

The Cuban link chain is a piece of jewelry that has recently gained quite popularity. These chains are often made of gold or silver and contain a series of interlinked oval loops, which give off a chain-like style. These chains are worn by both men and women to add a stunning definition of statement and bling to their outfit. Not only this but considering many rappers and popstars wear it, it is often deemed a sign of wealth in the West too.

While the Cuban link chains show exceptional style and are great to wear, have you ever considered where this fashion statement appeared and turned into the bold and timeless appeal it stands today? No, then hop on below to find out.

The Origin of the Cuban Link Chain

Cuban link chains are also known as Miami Link Chains. If you’ve heard the Cuban link chains being referred to by this name, we are sure you would have thought of the reason behind it.

Cuban link chains are also called Miami Link Chains because of their origin in this particular state. These chains originated from a rapid hip-hop jewelry movement in Miami in the early 70s. The link chains were a top-tier hip-hop jewelry piece that was donned in the state and since then became a bold and timeless statement piece that has grown popular to date.

Types of Cuban Link Chain

The Cuban link chains are of two main types:

  1. The Miami Chains
  2. The Curbed Link Chains

The main difference between these two types is the chain size. The Miami Cuban chains are closer with lesser space between them. These chains are also thicker and heavier, giving off a bulkier look. In contrast to the Miami Cuban Links, the Curb chains have bigger links that are flattened. This helps give the chain a more flexible and softer look.

Why is the Cuban Link Chain Growing in Popularity?

 “The Cuban link chain is a necklace that firmly refuses to give up its title of fashion icon. There’s no doubt that the majority of fashionistas would agree the Cuban chain has become a must-have of their jewelry collection. If you want a chain necklace that will never fail to spice your look, it’s the choice you won’t regret.”

-Dennis Stepansky-Founder of ItsHot

It is not hard to decipher why the Cuban link chains are growing in popularity. Chained jewelry has stood the test of time in the constantly evolving fashion world and has made its place in each new fashion era. Hence, it is not hard to deem it a timeless, exquisite piece worn through the ages.

The main reason these Cuban link chains have grown so popular is the celebrity influence. Since the 70s, many rappers, pop stars, and people in the industry have donned the link chains with their fashionable attires. With the impact these celebrities had on their fan following, it wasn’t surprising when the rest of the following started to wear them like their favorite celebrities too.

However, this is not all why these chains became so popular. The Cuban link chains are dainty yet robust. They gave off a vibe that represents wealth, status, and power. Plus, they go well with most everyday outfits people wear. All these reasons add to the massive appeal the Cuban link chains draw towards it and why it has grown so popular over the years. 

How to Wear a Cuban Link Chain?                            

The Cuban link chains may look like a simple set of interlinked ovals, gold or silver, but you can style them in numerous ways. If you want to know different ways you can style a Cuban link chain, here is a guide for you:

  1. Solo

A Cuban link chain, when paired alone, looks the best. You can always pair it with other understated jewelry, but we recommend not wearing other statement pieces when wearing a Cuban link chain. This is because this chain’s bold and classic look is enough to make you stand apart, and adding other statement jewelry will only give a cluttered look.

This timeless jewelry never goes out of style, and its classic and sleek look will help elevate your outfit to the next level. Moreover, its bold stance will give your outfit a powerful look too.

  1. Layering

Layering is a great way to elevate your look and pull the attention toward yourself. Commonly carried out by males, the layering look is a fantastic way to wear your Cuban link chains. How can you do this?

Well, wear a thick, sturdy Cuban link chain that screams badass and layer it with other smaller links or ones you like around it. It will look fantastic and create a bold and impressive fashion statement that will be hard not to notice.

  1. Pendant

If you’ve been wearing your Cuban link chain solo for some time and want to change your look. Try adding a pendant to your Cuban link chain. While the timeless piece already gives off a bold and rugged look, adding a charm will bring more to its style.

Make sure the pendant is stunning and gives justice to the demeanor of your Cuban link chain. You can add simple metal discs or pick out elaborate gemstone designs. Each pendant style will bring about a gorgeous look to your link chain.


The Cuban link chains are gorgeous pieces of jewelry that have stood unharmed through the changing fashion trends over the years. If this piece of jewelry intrigues you and you plan on purchasing one. Then we hope this article was significant enough to help you understand why the Cuban link chains have a bold and timeless appeal and why buying them might be an excellent idea for you.