The Best Beard Trimmers for a Simple, No-Fuss Trim

It sometimes feels as if the list of men’s grooming items is ever-growing. Beard oil, shampoo, combs, scissors, wax, balms… It can be hard to keep up when all you want to do is avoid looking scruffy. Zoom meetings are no excuse, staying tidy and avoiding a full on grizzly transition is important to many of us. So, if you’re more of a stubble guy who’s after a simple clean-up on a Sunday evening, what do you need in your toiletry bag?

A quality beard trimmer is arguably the most important bit of kit you can have. And whilst the choices are overwhelming, I’ve narrowed down a couple of great trimmers on the market right now.

Best for Multiple Lengths

Panasonic ER-GB86 Wet&Dry Ultimate Beard Trimmer – £79.99

If you’re constantly switching up your look, this trimmer offers 58 cutting lengths to keep up with your ever-adapting style. It can be used on your hair, too, if you should ever need an emergency home haircut again. Testers were satisfied with the trimmer’s high-quality feel, and said that their finished looks were precise and tidy, even with the basic attachments. Not bad for under £100.

Best for a Budget

King C. Gillette Facial Hair Trimmer – £30

This trimmer has an ultra simple set up, coming with three standard comb attachments and eleven length settings to pick from. It’s super versatile, so you can sculpt and style your facial hair with ease. Testers found it quick and easy to use, and whilst it doesn’t have the same upmarket feel as some of the higher priced trimmers on the market, it does offer great value for money.

Best for Wet-and-Dry

Wahl Aqua Blade Wet/Dry Stubble & Beard Trimmer – £90

Great for both short stubble or a longer trim, this trimmer comes packed with 16 combs for versatile styling. It’s fully waterproof, so a lie-in won’t set you back too much as you can grab it on your way in to the shower. Testers praised its wide range of features and attachments, and enjoyed how quickly they could achieve their desired style.

Best All-Rounder

Philips Series 7000 Vacuum Beard & Stubble Trimmer – £54.99

Consistently awarded best-on-test, this kit from Philips offers a powerful trimmer and a precise cut. Testers reported it as comfortable and smooth to work with, and said it was near-silent in use. Messy sinks are a thing of the past with this trimmer, as it has an ingenious removable vacuum chamber, collecting the hair whilst you go. You can easily achieve your preferred length with the pinpoint zoom wheel display, simply ‘lock in’ your choice, from 0.5 – 10mm with 0.5mm precision.