Tattoos: Happiness & Exile

Thinking about getting a new tattoo? Where are you thinking, arms, legs, torso, neck? The link between tattoos and fashion has been going on for hundreds of years but now they have gone from being something hidden to central and celebrated everywhere.

But where do you start? It’s all to do with what you want and what you get, as some inks are hell of expensive and some won’t be what you’re expecting as not every tattooist is good at drawing! So here are a few pointers that we think you should think about.

DON’T get anything that might go out of fashion: brand names, your fave celebrity, catchy phrases, and band logos. In other words, don’t get anything that won’t age as well as you,

DON’T get all gooey and get a tattoo of a former, current or even prospective lover, friend or life partner, things can change but not the tattoo, unless you want to go through tattoo removal. No faces, initials, hearts at all costs.

DON’T go too far south.

DON’T rush into getting a tattoo on your neck, hands or face before you’ve really thought it through, we know that on some guys face, neck and even scalp tattoos can look menacing and a little bit sexy but trust us they are not for everyone. And remember that if you do and get a tattoo up north on your face, neck etc: to get them removed can end up with scar tissues.

DO go to a reputable Tattooist. Do some research, ask your mates, if they look terrible, go to someone else and ask! Always go to a tattooist who is known, respected and recommended in their field. It pays to do some research.

DO THINK about what you’re going to get, at worst you could end up with a Chinese symbol that reads ‘I love rats’

DON’T worry too much about meaning, sure we know, that getting a tattoo that has some kind of existential meaning gravitas is great, but sometimes with tattoos It can often be arbitrary and who knows even a little vague. Just be thoughtful and tread lightly, you may end up with a tattoo that will feel heavy over time.

DON’T do anything when you’re drunk. You may feel your love for your best mate can only be expressed by needling ink into your biceps at some unearthly hour at some back street tattoo parlour, but we’re going to be guessing that you had wished you had sent a WhatsApp message instead, in truth that would have sufficed after a good night’s sleep.